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Top 10 Asana Alternatives for Project Management in 2022

Top Asana Alternatives For Project Management, Project Management Blog
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Project management software is the most required tool for every business. It helps businesses to collaborate, communicate and achieve their goals.

Many small and medium businesses are turning towards Project Management Tool.

In the present day, Asana is the most popular project and task management tool.

The asana tool holds easy to plan, monitor, and schedule features.

However, Asana is not always the right platform to use for every business. You can find much bigger and better project management tools that help the teamwork more effectively than Asana does.


What is Project Management Tool?

Project management tools are used to assist the individual or team to organize and manage the task and project effectively.

With this tool, project managers or project owners can do proper planning, manage tasks, and set deadlines. It is an effective way to track work progress.

What are the necessary features for every Project management Tools?

As many teams have started working remotely, the micro-manage industrialized process doesn’t work for some businesses. Therefore the project management software becomes an effective tool for managing projects both remotely and at the workplace as well.

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” ~ Peter Drucker

Here is the list of all necessary features that are important for every project management software:

  • Task Management – Task feature is an important feature for every project management tool. With this feature, managers can add tasks and assign them to the team members.
  • Time Tracking – Every project management tool needs to have a time tracking feature. It helps the manager to identify the time spent by a team member on each task. It is an effective way of productivity.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” ~ William Penn

  • Project Templates – The template is a necessary feature for every project management tool. It helps you to plan effectively for your project.
  • Easy-to-use – Every project management tool needs a user-friendly feature. As complicated features make the team more confused and create less productivity.

We may say, all these features are pretty much needful to be called “efficient project management software”. And these features are the key factors for using Project management Softwares.

What is Asana?

Asana is one of the popular tools for project management. It contains all the features that are easy to use.

It helps the team to organize their daily tasks and achieve goals. Your team can manage their entire task at a particular place.

However, Asana has its strengths and weaknesses. When you come to the features like budgeting, reporting, and invoicing.

Why do People go for Asana?

Asana has been the best project management tool. With these tools, you can mostly organize anything.

A lot of features provided by Asana help the project manager to handle the team. With Asana you can collaborate with the team members.

It helps you to communicate with the team within tasks. The team can also have communication within the project.

Asana helps you to break down the task into various sessions. You also get the option to add sections. It enables you to divide your tasks into groups.

You can sync the Asana tool with other platforms. It provides its calendar like Google Calendar, iCal, or outlook.

So, all the features and effective management is the reason to choose Asana by most of the Project Manager.

Why Look for Asana Alternatives?

If you are wondering why you should seek an alternative? Then here is the list of few drawbacks, that led you to change your choice:

  • Asana has very complicated features to use. Often team members find it difficult to use.
  • The tool is too expensive. Its free plan has heavy limitations. The paid plan will cost you $9.99 per user for a month.
  • Using this tool can cause you to spend more time. Only one change can be made at a time.
  • In Asana, you can assign a task to only one person at a single time. It becomes difficult to assign tasks to more than one member.
  • If you have a small team and don’t deal with complicated projects. Then you don’t require a majority of features that are offered by Asana
  • You cannot track time spent on the tasks, which is necessary for management tools.

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In Asana this feature is only available through integration with a third-party application.

So, all these problems can give you a lot of frustrations. Therefore, we have prepared a list of some of the best alternatives tools of Asana.

What are the alternatives of Asana?

There are many project management tools in the market but here is a list of the top 10 project management tools that are the best alternatives for Asana.

1. Orangescrum

It is an ideal competitor of Asana. It stands at the top of the list of best project management tools.

If you are looking for a work assistant who will make your work more simple and easy, then Orangescrum will be the best choice.

It is your all-in-one need for better project management. With Orangescrum you can collaborate with the team, assign tasks, track time, manage resources, and more.

The tool is loaded with many amazing features that are effective and easy to use for you and your team.

So here is the list of amazing features that you can enjoy with Orangescrum tools:

Custom fields for task: It gives you the feature to add additional data to the task. It increases adaptability and is easy to use. You can create and track your task progress from beginning to end.

Time management: This tool helps you to track time spent by the team members in each task. Tracking time is an effective method of progress.

4 Ways To Manage Project Time Tracking – Linkedin, Project Management Blog

Using Orangescrum you can automatically track the time, you don’t need to press the time tracker start button. It automatically tracks the hour spent on the task.

Agile Project Management: Agile has the most adopted management tools by many Technology industries. With Agile Project management, you can self-organize your team with constant feedback and monitor your team effectively.

Irrespective of any team size, agile project management helps in better collaboration with the team. It benefits you to take quick decisions and execute them.

Resource management: If you have multiple projects, then managing resources becomes more difficult. Therefore Orangescrum provides resource management features that manage and plan resources.

It helps you to analyze resource capacity using resource tracking. You can do proper documentation of your resources by using Orangescrum.

The Resource Grid view provides you all your stored resources.

Project Templates: With a project template you can efficiently manage the work. You don’t need to repeat or enter the same tasks frequently. You can create your own template using Orangescrum.

This helps you to save your time, resources and increase the rate of productivity. You also get the option to edit or delete and customize a template.

Left S, Project Management Blog

One platform for better teamwork.

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With the project template, you can create a new project or convert an emerging project template into a project.

Price: It is more affordable in comparison to other Project Management Tools. It cost $9 for 10 users for a month.

So all these features your team can enjoy using the Orangescrum tools that have agile project management and kanban boards for better work management and progress.

2. Airtable

It has visually appealing project management tools. It has a visually pleasing user interface. It allows users to use an image to categorize project tasks.

You can easily organize the data, which creates a database in the form of a spreadsheet and visualize them as kanban boards, grid, and team calendars.

It also offers built-in templates features that include budget templates. The tool is available in both mobile and desktop versions.

The paid plan costs around $20 per month for each user, and the free plan provides no user limit.

3. Jira

This software tool allows assigning tasks and evaluating timelines. With Jira, you can discuss the work for the whole team with a full visibility function. You can easily track the work progress.

It costs $10 per month for 10 users and the upgrade version costs around $14 for each user per month.

4. Wrike

It is very similar to the Asana tool. It consists of all the features of asana plus. It simplifies the process involved in the project and creates better workflows. This tool makes it easy to communicate with team members.

It offers a free version but with a limited feature. The paid version comes in $9.80 per user for a month and the upgrade version starts with $24.80 per user in a month.

5. Trello

It is a simple project management tool. The tool is easy to use with neat interference. The tool is suitable for both personal and professional use.

Its focus is on providing Kanban-style project management to the user. It uses a kanban board, lists, and cards that effortlessly organize the project.

The free version allows 10 boards but has limited features. The paid version costs around $12.50 for each member per month. And the premium version costs around $17.50 for each user per month.

6. Instagantt

It is one of the renowned project management tools. It helps the team with planning for upcoming tasks and gaining substantial foresight into the venture’s progress.

It allows team collaboration in real-time and keeps tabs for every task completed.


It contains all the functions starting from project creation to managing the project. With Monday you can easily collaborate with the team without the integration of a third party.

It supports Kanban that makes the tool easy to use. Its dashboard feature allows you to get a visual overview of the team’s work progress. It costs around $10-$20 for each user every month.

8. Proofhub

This tool allows you to add a comment right on each creative piece of work and documents. It provides the user with wealth and all necessary features of project management tools such as Gantt Charts, calendar, timesheets, Kanban boards, and more.

However, it is quite expensive in comparison to other tools. It costs around $45-$150 each month.

9. Microsoft Project

It is one of the oldest project management tools. The app consists of pretty much all the functionality that is required by a project manager.

It integrates well with other Microsoft programs such as excel and outlook. The software doesn’t provide any free version.

It cost around $12.80-$70.40 per user per month for the cloud-based solutions and $769 – $1,719 for premise solutions.

10. Slack

It is a popular app. However, the only problem is it is not a project management app. It is a tricked-out instant messenger. This application helps to better communicate with the team.

It comes in the list of Asana alternatives because most of the managers look for a social, message-driven way for better collaboration.

The free version is available with limited function and the paid version cost around $15 per user.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Why should I choose alternatives to Asana?

Asana doesn’t fulfill all the demands required by the project manager. Many teams find it difficult to use because of its complicated features. The cost is also very high in comparison to other tools. Therefore, you need to choose Asana Alternative.

Who are Asana Competitors?

Many Project management tools have developed amazing features that are better than Asana such as:

1. Orangescrum
2. Trello
3. Jira
4. Wrike

Why choose Orangescrum?

Orangescrum has many amazing features that are loved by project managers. It is an all-in-one tool for project management.

The amazing features such as Time tracking, Agile Project management, kanban board, resource management, custom fields, and more makes it the best alternative for asana.

The tool also comes at a much lesser price i.e $9 for each month for 10 users. Hence you should go for Orangescrum rather than any other Project management software.

Is Asana a free tool?

The asana provides a free version that is limited to 15 users. The free version provides limited features. The paid version of Asana costs around $ 10.99 per user for each month.

Is Orangescrum better than Asana?

Asana has been a popular tool, but it has many drawbacks that make Orangescrum better than Asana. Orangescrum is user-friendly and every size of the team can use its amazing features.

Whereas Asana has many features, team members find those features very complicated. The small teams don’t require most of the features of Asana.

With Orangescrum every team size can catch up easily. It provides every type of feature that is effective for both small and large teams.

However, Asana costs around $10.99 for each user per month, but Orangescrum costs $ 9 for 10 users each month.


As of 2021, Asana has not remained the only option for Best Project Management Tools. There are many alternatives to Asana Project management Tools.

These tools provide specialized features for any type of project, company, or team with lots of benefits.

The important things you need to consider are to find the right tool. Look at the features of each Project management tool and choose the right one.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.


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