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Why is a Time Tracker Important in Project Management?

Why Is A Time Tracker Important In Project Management 1, Project Management Blog
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Time trackers balance workload and priorities. A Project time tracking software allows you to keep track of time invested in an individual task or project.

Did you know?

According to Workpuls study in 2020, only about 20% of working hours are spent on high-priority critical tasks.

 Using a time tracker allows you to keep track of time one has invested in an individual task or project.

Time Tracker, Project Management Blog

Not every working hour is payable.

As a Project Manager, you can calculate the ratio of payable and non-payable hours by tracking hours.

It’s easier to then draw an estimated value of your service.

Let’s see how you as a Task Project Manager can crack “Time Tracking.”


Importance of a Project Time Tracker

Open Project, Project Management Blog

Time tracking data revealed that for not recording work time the US economy loses 50 million hours in productivity per day that alone can make a convincing case!

A time tracking tool is one of the best tools for Project Management. It helps you identify the extra time-consuming activities your team members are doing.

Without a time tracker, it’s difficult to track project completion within deadlines. Additionally, it helps your workflow management within a certain period.

A study by Workpuls, 2019 reveals that time theft can cost employers an average of $11 billion per year. A time tracker can be the “time theft detector”.

Using this detector, the task time tracker helps you point out the slower and the fastest team worker.

It also points out the deadlocks and inefficient processes within your project.

4 Ways to Manage Project Time Tracking

Managing projects can become a cakewalk with the help of Project Time Tracking.

A Project Manager gets a chance to stay up to date with notifications and alerts.

The entire project life cycle gets better without having a medium to handle tasks.

1. Choosing the Best Tool

Make sure the tool you are using suits your team members’ work goals.

With a growing company make sure the tool fulfills your work demand.

“Select a tool that tracks your time in a few steps with minimum supervision and time consumption!”

Time Log Chart View 1, Project Management Blog

A tool like Orangescrum automatically logs your time with the pending and completed tasks at hand.

2. Together We stand

As a Project Manager, you now understand the value of a Time tracker. Now it is your time to let your team understand its importance.

It’s essential to explain to your team the importance of Time tracking.

Because together we stand.

3. Practice makes you perfect

No doubt time tracking is a new habit your entire team is trying to build. The team members need more time to adjust to its functions.

This is a process that requires constant reminders for tracking time.

Do not forget to ask for feedback from them!

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4. Use your Time Tracking data

After collecting the tracking data, it’s time to improve your team task management with hour tracking.

Some crucial questions that can resolve your doubts:

  • Is there any skill improvement needed to complete a task within a time duration?
  • How can you reschedule the time to get the most out of it?
  • How efficiently can you plan the workload?

Improving Workflow with Project Time Tracker Software

Workflow, Project Management Blog

With Project Management software, one glance at the project can keep you updated with accurate data. This is highly crucial in delivering tasks.

Timer, Project Management Blog

1. Track Your Payments Easily

A time tracking tool maintains transparency to generate automated invoices.

A Freelancing remote team, for example, gets an exact idea about what they are being paid for.

2. The smart way to skip the stress

You’re bound to feel stressed when there’s no work organization.

When you know where your time is going, you can focus on yourself better.

The best way is to prepare a time schedule and stick by it.

This relieves the stress on deadlines.

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3. How much do you have on your plate?

As a Project Manager, managing time is not the only way to get the best result.

With a work time tracking tool, Project Managers can get an idea of the number of tasks needed to complete plus the resources required.

Only then, it’s possible to analyze the number of projects one can take on hand.

Ready to invest in a Time Project Management Tool?

Orangescrum is your one stop solution for your next Project Management. It offers customizable data sharing options and Time Management capabilities along with task tracking!

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