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Product Update: Advanced Task Planning Is Available For All Users

Advanced Task Planning Is Available For All Users, Project Management Blog
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Hello Orangescrummers! Here we come with one of our unique features called Advanced Task Planning/Scheduler.

With Advanced Task Planning features, now Orangescrum users can schedule a task up to the next fifteen days with a better plan by prioritizing their time.

We have been very careful of our customer’s requirements and what would help best for them to simplify their workflow.

Whenever we roll out a new update, it is always to make your work easier or to simplify your process. Now, we have major changes in store for you!

Recently, we launched the Epic View feature for agile/scrum projects to assist users in dividing their more intricate or complicated projects into simpler components.

What is Advanced Task Planning?

With the multi-day task scheduling capability, one can plan a task spanning over multiple days or weeks that specific days and hours your team will be working.

For any task, the multi-day task hours are set by dividing the total task hours and assigning them on different days with a specific number of hours per day.

A task that requires multiple days to complete by a resource.

The Importance of Advance Task Planning

Advanced Task Planning avoids having to create duplicate tasks for the same task.

When a single task requires multiple days to complete with specific/variable numbers of hours each/different day without creating a duplicate task.

E.g. If a task requires 20 hours to complete and is to be worked on 4 hours each day for a span of 5 days.

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How to Implement Advanced Task Planning in Orangescrum

First of all, you need to enable estimation hour splitting for your company option from the resource setting.

Activate Split, Project Management Blog

Once this option is enabled, a split icon will be shown beside the “Estimated Hours” field on Create/Edit task page.

Split Task Hour, Project Management Blog

Also, this split icon will be visible on the task detail page beside the “Est. Hours” column.

Create Task, Project Management Blog

Clicking on the Split icon will open a popup allowing you to plan your task hour spanning across the day.

Split Popup, Project Management Blog

One can set the number of hours a task owner is expected to spend on the task each day. The hours per day is the number of hours a user spends on the task each day across the task schedule.

If the work per day is 2 hours for a span of 5 days, then the task is allotted 10 hours for completion.

If a user wants to set total work hours as 10, he can either set 2 hours for 5 days or set 3, 3, and 4 hours for each day.

Click the Reset button to remove the split task hour.

Estimate Hours, Project Management Blog

The Benefits

  • Better planning for projects, milestones, and sprints as well.
  • Avoids having to create more than one task for the same job each day.
  • Track progress by measuring planned vs actual hours spent on tasks.
  • Have refined resource workload overview.
  • More clarifications in the resource timesheet report.
  • Find the pain points of delayed project delivery.

Plan your project with ease!

Centralize your Projects, Tasks, and Resources in one place.

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With Orangescrum’s advanced task planning module, your team has the power to automate and streamline their entire execution process.

Orangescrum’s unparalleled adaptability links up team members, tasks, projects, and due dates throughout your business, so that task organizing issues are no longer an issue.

Find out the benefits for yourself with a 15-day trial.

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