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What’s New In Orangescrum Project and Task Management?

Scrum Project And Task Management 2, Project Management Blog
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Hello Orangescrummers! We’re so excited to announce that many new features and enhancements have been made to the application. Our team has been working hard on new features to make our product even better and provide you with a seamless experience based on your feedback.


What’s New in Orangescrum?

In 2023, we have added lots of improvements to the Project and Task Management Tool to make it more productive. Here is the list of improvements done to make the tool more useful.

In March:

Enhancements of the Sprint Report

We have added more sprint information like sprint start date, sprint end date, created by, closed by, story points committed & achieved.

Enhancements Of The Sprint Report, Project Management Blog

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Sprint Burndown Report Improvements

Modified the logic to draw the sprint Burndown report based on the actual story point remaining.

Sprint Burndown Report Improvements, Project Management Blog

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Ability to verify & close the checklist along with the tasks

Added functionality such that the checklist added during the task creation will be displayed if they are not closed during the task close. Just to make sure the user has completed the checklist before closing the task.

Checklist Along With The Tasks, Project Management Blog

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Improvements to the Budget & Cost Reporting

Modified the backend logic to calculate the budget & cost based on the settings and billable hours which will improve the page performance.

Budget Cost Reporting, Project Management Blog

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Download the bug listing on the Bug Tracking page

The issue for CSV download from the bug tracking page has been fixed.

Download Of The Bug Listing On BugTracking Page, Project Management Blog

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Time log Export

The issue of time log export to CSV and pdf has been fixed.

Timelog Export, Project Management Blog

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Security – Wrong password attempt threshold

A major security enhancement was added to our Orangescrum tool by adding a wrong password attempt threshold. Now after the threshold, the user account would be locked for configured time if the user continuously attempts with a wrong password.

Due Date Change Reason Report

We have added a new report to display the due date change reason. This report is generated based on the due dates changed on tasks and the user selects a reason for the change. This is a new report and is available in the Task Analysis section of the reports.

Due Date Change Reason Report, Project Management Blog

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Task Cycle Report

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the time spent in each stage of the task of a project.

In February:

Gantt chart Sorting Functionality

We have added a new feature of sorting functionality to the Gantt chart page.

Backlog Page Optimization

We have modified the business logic and SQL queries to improve the page loading time. We have also introduced the server-side pagination for this page to improve the performance & loading time.

Task page loading optimization

We have modified the business logic & SQL queries to improve the page loading time.

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