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Data Center Project Management Software and Its Benefits

Data Center Project Management Software And Its Benefits, Project Management Blog
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Orangescrum Project Management Software has introduced its ‘data center edition‘ for businesses to leverage its powerful hosting and security capabilities at a factional cost. Companies can host the data center project management software on Orangescrum’s own managed infrastructure to ensure 99.99% uptime of the app. With the data center edition, businesses get access to all the features with the added benefit of a larger database, bigger storage, faster interface, and remote access from anywhere.

Orangescrum Data Center edition is a viable option for businesses who don’t want the security vulnerabilities pertinent to cloud services and higher infrastructure costs pertinent to self-hosting.

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Why We Created the Data Center Edition?

The goal of creating the Orangescrum data center project management tool is to provide enterprise-grade solutions to businesses that have a large team and even larger data sets to manage where cloud hosting isn’t going to cut it; they need the sophistication and capacity of in-house infrastructure. But, maintaining an in-house infrastructure is expensive, resource-intensive, and prone to breakdowns. This is why, Orangescrum offers a data center edition to facilitate businesses to avail the exclusivity of having an in-house infrastructure but at a fraction of the cost.

How businesses can benefit from Orangescrum Data Center:

  • Eliminate expenditure and risk of managing on-premise infrastructure
  • Independent hosting provides higher data security features such as data encryption, firewall, and multi-factor authentication
  • Access to centralized data and resources from anywhere and anytime
  • Faster app performance
  • Become more climate-friendly by reducing your in-house power consumption
  • Better predictability of storage, and computing power to avoid downtime
  • Business owners have a single portal of access for efficient data management

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 Orangescrum Data-Center edition exclusive benefits include:

  • Regular database backup
  • Advanced disaster management and disaster recovery
  • Exclusive support and maintenance to data center edition clients
  • Customer branding URL


Orangescrum provides world-class project management services through its data center edition. Our goal is to provide reliable and scalable solutions to customers who want to focus on what they do best and eliminate the complicacies of managing cost-intensive infrastructure.

We ensure 99.99% uptime by performing regular server-performance monitoring and maintenance thereby facilitating businesses to access Orangescrum from anywhere and on any device. Sign-up free for Orangescrum data center project management software today to know how the data center edition can transform your project management landscape.

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