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How to Manage Remote Workforce with 3E Approach

How To Manage Remote Workforce With 3E Approach, Project Management Blog
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From the early pre-industrial era to the modern information age, the evolution of work has experienced several changes. The globe was greatly impacted by the outbreak. According to the Owl Labs State of Remote Working Report 2020, 77% of respondents concur that being able to work from home after COVID-19 would make them happy.

We are most definitely not going back in time given the degree of freedom and liberty with the new normal. The necessity of hybrid remote team management and onsite working styles has also been mentioned by several other international leaders. But are businesses and the sizable, multigenerational workforce prepared for this paradigm shift?


We believe Remote to be the new Normal

Working remotely does involve a lot of rethinking and adjusting. A substantial change in business culture requires a well-organized methodology and strong executive backing. Investments in infrastructure, technology, and tools may help enterprises profit from remote working while also empowering people.

Growth Of Remote Work, Project Management Blog

We introduce the 3E approach of Embrace-Enable-Empower through this Point of View post to assist businesses and individuals in mastering the art of work from anywhere. According to our predictions, the workplace of the future will be a hybrid one that allows for remote team management. This transformation in the workplace and working methods is not merely a passing trend; it represents a revolution in the modern day.


Embrace Remore Workforce, Project Management Blog

Every transition ushers in a fresh start. Embrace it from a new angle is the first step. The capacity of each of us to unwire and rewire the brain is significant. Being in a condition of resistance and frustration saps energy and is unhelpful. Therefore, to master the remote workforce in a frictionless mechanism and maintain this work style, we must continually concentrate on 3 pillars, both consciously and subconsciously.

Physical, mental, and emotional well-being

The importance of mental health was highlighted by nationwide lockdown scenarios brought on by the epidemic, particularly given the growth in feelings of loneliness and isolation among those who work from home. When designing the home office, ergonomics must be a top priority. This includes a sitting position, light intensity, an adjustable workstation, and comfy headphones. Filling timesheets isn’t fully about finishing tasks but to collaborate with the team efficiently.

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Goals, Collaboration, and Learning

Making significant progress can be challenging without access to nearby peer colleagues, water cooler talks, or coffee breaks with coworkers, especially when the objective of the job is unclear. Leaders have to convey the mission, vision, and objectives in a way that is independent of place. Project management is not just about completing the task.

Work-Life Balance Social, Decoupling, and Flexibility

This calls for some wise decision-making and placing “Living holistically” above “Eat Work Sleep.” Team members will have a transparent view of each other’s schedules if availability hours are marked on the Open calendar. To live a peaceful existence without sacrificing the social or health aspect, it is equally vital to detach and dissociate from the work zone. Tracking resource availability and task management are the primary goals achieved through Open Calendar.


Enable Remore Workforce, Project Management Blog

While a person may be prepared to embrace it, it’s also crucial to consider if our business is prepared to “enable the suitable ecology” to “work from anywhere.” Organizations must focus on and create the necessary circumstances and atmosphere to support remote working rather than merely giving lip service to it through marketing presentations and press releases. Time tracking is a very great alternate strategy to manage the work and workforce.

People’s Talent, Performance, and Joy

In the past several months, a variety of alternate choices for talent management have emerged, including online virtual training and virtual learning solutions. Gamification approaches virtualization and remote coaching possibilities have become the new standard. To revive the ongoing work environment and prevent burnout, organizations should make sure that there are possibilities for employee connection at regular intervals. This enhances resource availability and gears up the work.

Compliance with Processes, Security, and Guidelines

We still have a few compliance processes that are vestiges of the past that need the approver’s physical presence, even though the majority of these processes were digitalized in the pre-Covid period. Numerous routine procedures, like the approval of timesheets, leave requests, and the transfer of assets across borders, have been automated and meet compliance standards across enterprises. Task management has been automated and companies need to comply with the upgrade.

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Regulations, Policies, Employee Benefits, and Infrastructure

Regulations that affect the remote way of working may be internal or external. Statutory entities, governmental agencies, and municipal governments define external regulations. Every company must explicitly adhere to them without regard to a deadline. It’s a little bit simpler for firms to connect their internal rules with the remote method of working when it comes to internal regulations as opposed to exterior policies and laws. This helps the PMOs with project management and remote team management in many ways.


Empower Remore Workforce, Project Management Blog

Organizations and people need to be empowered in new ways to work from anywhere as personal and professional lives converge in the space of our homes. To bridge the gap between the individual and corporate environments, socio-technical solutions are required. There are unique and overlapping demands and obstacles that must be taken into account for individuals, teams, and management.

Personalization, productivity, and connectivity of individuals

To lessen stress on people as remote work becomes more common, flexibility in where one works—at the office, from home, or in communal spaces—would be crucial. It might be difficult to remain productive and focused in a home atmosphere when there are many demands on one’s time. Being productive and sustaining well-being both need self-discipline. PMOs should make sure that resource management should happen in easy terms.

Asynchrony, Teams, Hybrid Workspaces, and Transparency

Teams must have access to productivity, collaboration, and information-sharing tools through hosted cloud services to operate without a hitch on- or off-site. Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Google Workspace are a few examples. Furthermore, productive meetings in a hybrid workspace need conferencing capabilities together with applications and facilitation strategies that support group work and brainstorming.

Management Engagement, Communication, and Impact

Managers find it challenging in terms of resource management to assess team engagement levels, communication, and working styles without visible indications. Knowing personality types also enables equal emphasis and opportunity for both outspoken (extroverts, for example) and less vocal (introverts, for example) people. An important socio-psychological component in a hybrid work environment is eliminating the bias against team members whose in-person interactions have dominated those of the remote workforce.

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A Fresh Approach

We underwent an unfathomably large-scale transition to a new way of working aka remote workforce and living as a result of the worldwide epidemic.

However, in the long term, this transformation will only be viable for businesses that have addressed it in a well-thought-out, systematic way.

In this digital age, the remote workforce of employees is strong, and it is essential to include their voices and opinion while making adjustments and putting systemic changes into place.

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