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Orangescrum New Feature Mention Improve Your Team Collaboration

Mention For Improved Collaboration With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Continuing the drive to constantly improve project & team collaboration, Orangescrum now offers @mention to tag teammates, tasks and sub tasks.

@mentions have been a proven means of prompt timely communication while working with large project teams.

It is particularly helpful when you are working on a task that requires inputs from multiple collaborators.

You can now use the @mention within Orangescrum tasks.

  • Tag team members as well as other related tasks and subtasks
  • Mention them from task description and while replying or posting comments to tasks.

You can now quickly access the users of the project and tag team members who may or may not be directly involved in the task.

Improve Team Collaboration with @Mention in Orangescrum

Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog


So, seeking inputs or asking for help becomes lot easier without having to assign a task to the concerned team member.

Let’s take a quick “how to” instructions for using @mentions within Orangescrum.


How to use @mention feature in Orangescrum?

@mention feature can be used in task description and comments. In order to use this feature, you can follow the below steps-

In Task description-

  • Click on +Quick Links> Tasks under New menu.
  • On the Create task form, go to the description field; add your description and type ‘@’, auto-suggestion of the names of team in that project would appear.
  • Provide details such as task title, type, task linking etc. You can tag the tasks or any team member as required and click on Save.
    Create Task, Project Management Blog
  • Once the task is created, people added in that task description box will get an email notification regarding this task.

In Task Reply or Comments-

  • Navigate to task listing page of the project and select on specific task for which you want to add a comment or reply.
  • In the task detail page, navigate to reply section, add your message and type ‘@. Auto-suggestion will appear adding showing tasks and team members in that project. Once reply is added click on Comment button to add the comment.
    Comment, Project Management Blog
  • Use @ to quickly get the list of users as well as tasks to tag them in your comment.
  • Once the task comment is added, people added in the comment will get an email notification regarding this task and its comments.

Users can get access to mentions by clicking on @Mentions in the left main menu of the tool.

New Task, Project Management BlogActivity, Project Management Blog

You can access all @mentions from one central listing page and respond to them intuitively without having to navigate to other task views.

Hence, task responses and communication is faster, leading to improved collaboration and task management.


Task execution and overall project management are directly dependent on seamless collaboration. Also, productivity takes a hit if collaboration isn’t accorded enough importance. The key lies in exchange of timely responses between team members to move tasks to closure.

In-time progress and completion of tasks encourages teams to collaborate more and deliver project goals faster.

And @mentions are a great way to remove any cogs from your project execution wheel across all levels!

Still stuck with complex task management steps, delayed task responses and tasks missing their deadlines?

Fix all of these with smart collaboration using @mentions with Orangescrum!

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