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Orangescrum’s New User Onboarding – A Delightful Experience

r onboarding a delightful experience

Hello Orangescrummers! We are excited to introduce a fresh onboarding experience for new users. The cloud project collaboration tool introduces key components that help to set up the first project for new users.

What’s New in Orangescrum?

Orangescrum has an intuitive user interface making it easier for users.  But we recognize that the features could become unnerving for new users, who don’t yet know how to access the software’s numerous features and functionalities. Consequently, we have changed the existing onboarding design to a new process that lets new users set up a new project in 7 easy-to-follow click-by-click steps.

Here you go,

Step-1: Select Your Workstation (i.e. Work, Personal, or Non-Profit)

welcome screen

Step-2: Select Your ‘Role’ and ‘Team Size’

Tell us about you and your team

Step-3: Select the type of work you do

What type of team do you work in

Step-4: Invite your members using their ‘Name’ and ‘email id’

invite your team and build your workflows together

Step-5: Create a Project and share it among team members

create your first project

Step-6: Choose a Project Template

now choose a template to get started

Step-7: Select a Workflow for your project

now select a workflow


would you like to go for a free demo



User onboarding is an integral part of software products that assist new users to get acquainted with the ecosystem. It gives a quick overview of the different features that a new user will be using to accomplish desired tasks.

A well-designed user onboarding directly impacts customer retention and brand image. Orangescrum has designed its onboarding interface to be interactive and give new users a first-hand experience of working with the project collaboration software. Sign up now

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