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Product Update: Custom Task Status Workflow Released

Product Update Custom Task Status Workflow Released, Project Management Blog
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Hello Orangescrum’ers! The Custom Task Status Workflow is now available for our Cloud edition.

Not all projects are built the same! Each has its own task flow and needs specific status to convey the true health of its tasks.

And before that, we also understand that different teams have their own project structure. A generic project flow doesn’t do justice to their project progress and makes it difficult to keep their projects in-sync with their respective processes.

With the Custom Task Status Workflow, you can create and track a logical life cycle of your tasks from start to end.  You can create Task Statuses that are most commonly referred by your teams and ones that are relevant to the project type at hand.


Why do you need a Custom Task Status Workflow?

Let me explain why you would want to create a custom workflow for your organizational processes. As I mentioned earlier, it will show you the precise progress of your tasks and enable greater clarity around what needs to be done next for the task completion and by whom.

Default Workflow, Project Management Blog

With the default workflow, you can have only four statuses i.e.New, In Progress, Resolved and Closed.

In this process,

  1. Task will be created with New This will be your To-Do List.
  2. Once the work begins, you can mark them as In Progress.
  3. When task is finished at the assignee end, then you can mark them as “Resolved
  4. Once reviewed, finally task is closed.

This is a standard process and works well for simplistic projects. But when you implement this for your development projects, you might want to add status Under Review, QA In-Progress, QA-Complete, On Hold, Approved, Go-Live, and Closed etc.

We can take another example, where your marketing teams might need status content in progress, under review, images done, published, Social Media Posting, Closed etc.

So creating a custom workflow allows you to adapt Orangescrum Project Management Software by all teams across your organization from developer to marketing team to support. Even HR teams can implement their own workflow. The workflow shows how your team works from strategy to execution.

How can you create custom task statuses in Orangescrum?

You can create your own custom workflow with the following steps:

  • Login to
  • Click on your Account Profile icon
  • Click on Company Settings
  • Navigate to Status Workflow Setting & click on it
  • Click on Create New Status Workflow
  • Provide your status workflow name and description, click on Add to create the workflow
  • On the list view, click on the status workflow name to add custom task statuses

Status Listing, Project Management Blog

  • Click on ‘Create New Status”
  • On the pop-up mention the new status to be added
  • Map the new status to either New or In-Progress status
  • Update the % of progress and click on color box to change the color of the status
  • Click Add button to add the new status

Add STatuses, Project Management Blog

  • Similarly add your own task statuses to this workflow

Status Workflow For Development Project Types, Project Management Blog

Like the Web development workflow, here is a sample for the Editorial Calendar workflow which you can create for your Content Marketing Team. Similarly, you can create Marketing Plan workflow, Product Launch Workflow, Social Media Workflow, Event Planning Workflow, Customer Support Workflow, HR Management Workflow, Bug Tracking, IT Process Management Workflow, Sales Workflow, Process Management workflow etc.

Editorial Calendar Workflow, Project Management Blog

Click to know more details on Custom Status Workflow

Over to you

The custom task status not only streamlines your project flow but also provides the much needed clarity on your project progress. You can use Orangescrum Task Management software for easy collaboration and tracking your tasks to successful completion.

Sign in to create a new task status workflow for your projects and let us know your valuable feedback.


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