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Orangescrum Released The New Timesheet Approval and Timesheet Reports

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Hello Orangescrumers! We are back with something new for all our customers with our latest release.

We at Orangescrum stay committed to our resolve of listening to our customers and updating our product to ensure it addresses the ever-changing needs of the market.

All the following updates are being released with a common goal to ensure an easy and seamless project management experience.


Product release

Although we have the time tracking and timesheet features that include a “timer” to track spent hours automatically while you focus on real work.
In the meantime, we got customer feedback about timesheet approval.

Considering the feedback, we have worked on the timesheet approval feature and released it for all the users.

Timesheet approval

This feature enables you as an approver to approve or reject the weekly timesheets and the hours logged by the users.

The users can select their approvers and submit their weekly timesheets for approval.

Previously there was no way for the approvers to approve the hours logged by a user. Now, the approval of your weekly timesheet is in the hands of the approver.

Timesheet Approval, Project Management Blog

Somehow, have more control over your teams working remotely and check the overall progress of your projects even more efficiently by monitoring the hours logged by various resources working on the projects.

Note: The user will not be able to edit the timesheet once submitted until rejected and reverted back by the approver.

Take the advantages of Timesheet & Time Tracking feature

Specify any shortfall or overspent hours

Users would be able to know any shortfall or exceeded time logs over a week while submitting the timesheet.

Specify Any Shortfall Or Over Spent Hours, Project Management Blog

For any shortfall, the user has to put a reason in the comment before submitting the timesheet to the approver.

Timesheet approval management

Users would be able to see their submitted timesheet status as per the level of

  • approval Request
  • my pending timesheet
  • my approved timesheet
  • my rejected timesheet

Timesheet Approval Management, Project Management Blog

Approval management for approvers is just so easy!

Manage the timesheets pending for your approval, have a glance at all the timesheets handled by you, get a quick view of all the timesheets pending to be handled, accepted, and rejected by you all with ease.

Note: The approvers can add a reject note in case the submitted timesheet for a user is being rejected. This allows the user to understand the cause of rejection, rectify it and submit it back to the approver.

Timesheet Report

Get a complete timesheet report with actual vs estimated, rejected, approved and submitted time entries by resource or project over a period of time in a single view.

Timesheet Report, Project Management Blog

Filter out the users or the projects as per requirement and know the amount of job done in each case.

Now the users can define the time frame for the report they want and filter out the projects to find out the total hours logged on various resources on each project.

The new report introduced allows the users not only to find out hours logged per resource in various projects but also the other way round.

The user can select a time frame he wants to track and all relevant details flashes in front of his eyes within seconds.

Want to share the report? Export it to an excel sheet in just one click and it’s done!

Timesheet Report Export, Project Management Blog

Reporting has been made even easier with the timesheet report introduced.

Users can get their timesheet report in just a few clicks.

Reports —> Time and Resource Reports —> Timesheet Reports


With Orangescrum’s accurate and efficient “Timesheet” feature, you can increase your team’s productivity and efficiency. Not only does it provide clarity on your team’s time spent but also results in increased awareness on how your team can save more time.

Left S, Project Management Blog

One platform for better teamwork.

Try Orangescrum

How do you manage your timesheets in your organization? Do let us know in the comments section below.

If you haven’t explored our Timesheet feature, explore it now. It’s FREE!

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