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Slack Integration with Orangescrum Open Source Edition

Slack Integration with Orangescrum Open Source Edition Released

Hello Orangescrummers! We’re introducing Slack integration with Orangescrum for the Open Source edition.

Now you can send instant notifications to Slack from Orangescrum for all your task and project activities.

Here’s a quick look at the features you can enable with Slack integration. You’ll get notifications in your Slack channel when:

  • A project is created, updated
  • A task is created, assigned, updated (priority, due date), deleted, archived, and upon status changes
  • A comment is added with file attachments in both tasks and comments.

How to integrate Orangescrum with Slack

For Slack integration with Orangescrum, you must have a Slack account. If you don’t have any, you can sign up here.

Slack Workplace

  • Invite or create your teams in Slack and follow the next steps to create your own Slack channel

  • By default, Slack offers you 2 channels – #general and #random. You can create your own new channels as per your requirement as shown below –

Slack Account


Create Channel

Slack API

  • After creating the App, Under Basic Information>App Credentials section you will find your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy them and keep them handy for the next steps

Slack API

  • Now navigate to Features >> OAuth & Permissions >> Redirect  URLs. Provide your Redirect URL & it should be in the format

Note: If the Orangescrum URL is, you need to enter in Redirect URL is

Slack API

  • Login in to your Orangescrum account  & navigate to Settings >> Company Settings >> Slack Setting.
  • On Slack connect page, enter the Client ID and Client Secret.
  • On clicking the SAVE button you will be prompted to select the Channel under which the notifications will be listed and click the AUTHORIZE button.


Once you Authorize, your slack integration setup is completed. Now you will get instant notifications from Orangescrum on your slack channel.

How Orangescrum’s Slack integration works

1. Create Project

After the successful integration, create a project in Orangescrum.


You’ll get the instant notification about your project creation in Slack channel.

Slack Project

2. Create Task

Create a task in your project, slack will let you know about the task in your channel instantly.

Create Task

Any changes to your task such as task status, the due date will be notified to you.

Slack Notification

Over to you

This Slack integration will be available at the Orangescrum SaaS edition. We’re always trying to make your work easy. Please feel free to share your feedback on our Slack integration, we’re listening!

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