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7 Important Features In A Project Management Software

Must Have Features In A Project Management Software, Project Management Blog
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Project management has grown as an essential part of every business these days.

In fact, 83% of top officials and directors believe project management is an important part of their business as described by PMI analysis.

On a busy day, managing tasks and a large team can become overwhelming for any project manager.

To manage this workload more efficiently, managers need feature-rich project management software as a solution.

But it is also difficult to choose the right tool that could fulfill all your requirements as there are so many options available in the market.

To help you in choosing the best project management software, here is a list of seven important features that your next project management software must-have.

1. Task Management

Task management is an essential part of any professional workplace. Over the years, technology has replaced the manual writing pads with project and task management tools and collaboration programs, to get through our workday.

A normal or even complex project consists of many tasks and sub-tasks, which could have multiple dependencies.

If the tasks have dependency, it will be important for the project manager to manage them efficiently otherwise, the project will be at risk.

A robust task management feature offers you

  • Complete authority over your project execution
  • Increased transparency for your project team
  • Greater alliance of the team with the common goal
  • Hassle-free task collaboration
  • Centralized platform for the entire team
  • Time savings from creating manual status reports
  • Better alignment with your installed & time tested processes
  • Enhanced team coordination and spirit
  • Motivated workforce with higher productivity

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2. Time Tracking

Like task management, the time tracking feature is also highly important for effective project management. Especially when the team is working on projects with tight deadline and budget

So, the project manager can ensure the quality of work done compared to the amount of work delivered.

Alternatively, effective time management lets you plan your task that can be finished with less effort by making the most use of the limited time.

Overall, it helps for project budgeting by forecasting required project hours.

The time tracking feature in a project management software will help you to:

  • Achieve what you want, and faster
  • Deliver work on time
  • Improve your Work/Life balance
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase productivity
  • Data-driven planning and forecasting.
  • Avoid delivery failures & penalties

3. Resource Management

Every project manager wants to evaluate their team members. By managing the team members properly you prevent resource overload, employee burnout, undesired stress & anxiety.

Make sure you have a robust task breakdown structure that your team understands and is comfortable with. Ensure the key components of task assignments are well defined.

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The tactical benefits of resource management involve

  • greater productivity
  • timely completion of initiatives
  • allocating resources to the most profitable ventures
  • minimizing bench pool to zero
  • prevent conflicts and chaos
  • delivering services and support optimally

4. User Role Management

A project may carry critical business and project strategies such as new product launches, financial data, customer information, etc.

And every user on a project does not need to access all this information.

User role management and access control helps to restrict unauthorized access to confidential project information.

The benefits of having user role management feature in your project management tool:

  • Define Custom-Role and Roles like project manager, development manager, resource manager or senior developer or the stakeholders of your projects.
  • Define custom access privileges for the roles.
  • Add a Project-specific role to assign any individual for each project and define the access permission for the roles.
  • Create and assign private tasks to your team.

5. Kanban Board

Kanban is one of the leading agile project management methodologies. It suits almost every team and goal. It helps you in managing the flow of tasks as your team works on shared objectives.

By applying this approach to project management, the workflow becomes transparent and visual.

  • Entire work is divided into manageable tasks.
  • Collects all the important information that is needed for a task.
  • Can adjust to your team and process.
  • Gives you a proper work status under one roof.

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6. Report & Analysis

Project Reports are part of the project documentation and allow you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) & overall project health.

The progress is quantified in the reports, so instead of flying blind and hoping for the best, you have a solid foundation to make informed decisions.

It also enables you to justify changes made to the project plan.

  • Get the information of previous weeks logged-in users, no. of task created, no. of task updated, no. task closed, hours spent and storage used
  • Visualize customized project status reports.
  • Individual task status with each individual day’s task created and updated count
  • List of previously accessed/enrolled projects and their current status

7. Third-Party Integration

Every business needs to acknowledge market demands quickly.

The integration creates an ecosystem that allows you to add or view through the third-party tool to maintain your business workflow. At the same time, your business might need months or years to develop the same alike tool for your own system.

Tools developed by professionals have already been through this refinement phase.

Successful project management tools allow integration with most of the common third-party tools like

Bring it all together!

Orangescrum is a task, time, and project management tool offering an active platform for project managers to perform the project functions firmly and effortlessly.

Basically, it brings all your tasks and projects to one place, and controls your resources from processes, people, and technology in time, without manipulating the quality.

The notable features and the in-time service tools make this software solution more useful.

Businesses that are not using this type of software, usually do more work with less profit due to the scrap of time on rolling tiny tasks.


It’s never too late to make the right decision. It’s time to improve your team’s productivity.

Integrate Orangescrum at your workplace and set practice in place right away to help employees produce more to generate better.

Orangescrum is not limited to these points only. It has many other features with it. Based on the things you have read so far, Orangescrum is the best tool for project management.

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