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What Managers are Searching from Project Management Tools in 2019

What Managers searching from Project Management Tools

A project fails when it’s not delivered in time as per the objective. It may happen due to poor project management. So, to be successful, the project must be completed before the deadline with quality and within budget. 

PMI’s latest research has found that 83% of executive leaders understand the value of project management. And yet nearly 10% of the money that organizations invest in projects ultimately goes to waste as a result of poor project performance. (Source –

The most common reason for the failure is the lack of clearly defined objectives, which become a hindrance for its progress.

As a result, for every $1 billion invested in the U.S., $122 million is wasted due to poor project planning. Only 2.5 percent of companies successfully complete 100 percent of their projects. (Source –

Recently, the members at business software directory, GetApp presumed that there’s a gap between what people want from their project management solution and what they actually get.

So they went on a survey to check how tech solutions can meet project manager’s requirements and expectations from their solutions.  

The survey revealed some interesting facts about what people are looking exactly in their project management solution. So,

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your business?

I’m sure you do 🙂

So let’s take a look at some major demands that people want in 2019 from their project management solutions.

1. All-in-One Project Management Software:

Generally, project management should require a single solution. But around 95% of project managers are routinely using more than one tool. It seems they are wasting their resources unnecessarily on managing projects.

So are you fed up with the use of multiple tools every day in managing your projects? Then go for an agile project management tool which can erase the complexities. 

Now, Orangescrum, the powerful all-in-one project management tool, comes to picture to solve the problems and allows businesses to streamline their projects.

You can easily track the time and work progress of your team members without harming the productivity. It removes workflow confusion, task management hassles, and invoicing issues.

2. Task Management Functionality Runs the Show:

Task management is the most important PM feature. From a survey, it has found, around 62% of project managers have put it on the top among all PM functionalities. But it’s also the feature that most people are missing from their existing PM tools.

When it’s about project management, proper assigning and managing tasks play an important role.

If task management is all you need, then Orangescrum might be good enough for you. It is easy to use and fit for any kind of workflow you want. It can handle collaboration, which is the second most commonly mentioned feature that people are missing. 

According to the 2019 review by Capterra, Orangescrum has chosen as one of the most popular task management software.
(Source –

Let’s deep drive more on Orangescrum, the #1 task management software for startups and enterprise businesses and individuals.

It can merge your tasks, projects and manages your resources effectively. It is a perfect solution for those managers who want to see the progress of their tasks, work, and projects at a single place without wasting much time.

This agile project management software allows all the project managers to work closely with smarter capabilities and faster communication. This software is planned for managers as they face problems in checking their team performance and organization goals.

An Overview of Orangescrum Features:

Orangescrum offers benefits for:

Let’s go through them one by one;

Time Tracking: With the help of this feature, you can track the total time spent on each task. It allows you to evaluate your team’s performance with its daily/weekly timesheet. Use its timer to track your task time automatically. In short, no hassles! No distractions! Only increased productivity.

Task Management: Now take your productivity to the next level with the help of this feature. This allows you to view all your tasks, sub-tasks, ideas, feedback, and issues in one place. Organize them with priorities and assign them to your team. Your project can meet the deadline.

Gantt chart: It allows you to visualize the tasks progress in a single timeline and create dependencies between tasks. In this, your task timelines are well defined which helps to check delays if any, ensuring the team on track.

Kanban View: It gives you a clear picture of the entire project on what has been accomplished, what needs to be done, and what is in progress. You can track the status of all your tasks on every stage from beginning to end and keep everyone on the same page with the help of a Kanban board.

Resource Availability: This feature offers clear visibility of your team’s workload to re-plan your resource to ensure proper resource utilization.

Invoice: With this feature, billing and invoicing get easier than ever. It fulfills all your daily invoicing needs. You can create invoices in a few clicks, save it to your system and send it to your clients.

Google Drive + Dropbox integration: Sharing project files/images with your team is super easy. Now you can upload files to tasks directly from cloud storage. It lets you bring all project docs at a single place without any chances of losing any of them.

Agile Project Management: In short- all tools, all terms, under one roof. Clutter-free agile project management brings your customers and teams together to deliver beforehand. Here you can get features like product backlog and sprints, velocity chart, project template, burn down chart, task sprint progress, scrum, Kanban etc.

It carries many benefits which help professionals evolve as scrum masters and enhance business value.

Success Rate of Agile Project Management- 2019  Source –

And it’s a wrap:

Most project management tools are inherently dull. You need a tool that allows everyone to see what everybody is working on. This allows project managers to assess where the teams are with their assignments

With the help of Orangescrum, #1 Task Management tool you can organize your team and their work under one roof and make 2019 as a successful year for your projects.   Are you wondering which tools can meet your expectations? Do you think Orangescrum can help you on the above? Share your thoughts 🙂

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