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7 Time Management Tips You Need to Increase Productivity

7 Time Management Tips You Need To Increase Productivity, Project Management Blog
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Time management is synonymous with productivity. If your everyday routine isn’t allowing you to accomplish tasks, it’s time for some self-introspection.

Have you tried accomplishing a fraction of what you intended?

Access your routine. This can be the main cause of hampering your productivity.

Productivity 1, Project Management Blog

Failing your Time management routine can lead to adverse effects on the entire work schedule.

Some of the pressing issues with managing time revolve around:

  • Procrastination: Tomorrow never comes. Pushing tasks for later can only pile up work. Incomplete tasks can interfere with your current tasks. They deviate your focus from the tasks at hand to the incomplete ones.
  • All work and no play: When you feel like your mind is blocked, it’s time for recreation. Science has proven that taking breaks during regular intervals rewires the brain to work with more vigor and creativity.
  • Poor organizational skills: A “to do” list wouldn’t help with organizing tasks. Taking ownership and responsibility for ensuring the best possible results is what organization revolves around.

How can Time Management increase Productivity?

1. Organizing Tasks

Organising Task, Project Management Blog

Organization takes a center stage here. Without inculcating the trait of being organized, it’s difficult to stay on top of your game and achieve your goals.

Easily organize your workspace with mindful hacks—

  • Divide your “to-do” list into smaller chunks of tasks to make it manageable.
  • Keep your tasks in order according to the urgency, importance, and effort needed to complete them.
  • When it comes to organization, it not only aims at tasks but also our surroundings.

Time and again, modern Psychology has proved that the clutter around you puts a negative effect on brain psychology. De-cluttering helps you stay productive throughout the day and complete tasks at hand on time.

2. One Task at a Time

Multiple Task, Project Management Blog

Working on multiple tasks at one time has proven to be ineffective, according to an article published by Entrepreneur.

The human brain takes time to switch from one task to another creating a lag time. This backfires our goal of productivity.

Instead of multitasking, a few minutes of rest between tasks can help the brain to transition well onto another task.

The  Pomodoro Technique is a proven way to increase productivity. It focuses on breaking time into shorter sessions with 25 minutes of 25 minutes work sessions followed by breaks in between.

This can prevent you from feeling worn out and stay productive for a long time.

3. Track your Time

Time Tracking, Project Management Blog

Tracking time automatically helps you manage time.

This is because it prevents you from working aimlessly without targets.

With Project Management software time tracking, it becomes easy to add time entries, keep track of the number of hours spent on tasks.

If creating reports is a hassle, a time tracking tool eases your work.

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4. Take Control over your Emails

Control Over Email, Project Management Blog

A cluttered inbox can include promotional emails and irrelevant context. This unknowingly causes mental stress.

Declutter your inbox by unsubscribing from unwanted website newsletters.

It’s cumbersome to sort out emails but you can take out one hour in a day to filter out the emails that serve no purpose to your life and career goals.

5. Mute those Notifications

Notifications, Project Management Blog

Are you bombarded with infinite notifications all day?

It’s time to silence them!

Digital distractions these days are a major cause of work delays and overdue deadlines.

Silencing notifications can prevent you from attention deviation.

Turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone. Select contacts on your phone that you don’t want to be disturbed by.

6. Changes on the Desktop

Changes On The Desktop, Project Management Blog

Notifications on your desktop can lure you into a different world away from your goals. Get this distraction off your eyes for at least 6 hours of working.

Take off those pings out of your work hours.

Anything that puts a negative effect on the senses must be wiped out. Upload an eye-pleasing desktop wallpaper.

Update different file shortcuts to easily access important files rather than manually going through a long process. This process saves you time. It’s better to save a few seconds that can give you some relief of being productive.

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7. Change the “Perfectionist” Mindset

Let’s break this myth about being perfect. In reality, there’s nothing called “Perfectionism”. It can become difficult to level up your productivity if the notion of being perfect hoards your mind.

Differentiate between doing things well and those tasks that are worth spending too much time on.

Getting quality work done on time is better than over thinking about the “perfect” output.

Organize your thoughts by using a productivity app that resolves time management challenges.

Ease your Time Management Challenges

 The above Time Management tips require discipline to implement.

Our success depends on how we utilize the precious 24 hours that we’re granted.

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Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

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