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Things Businesses Lack Without A Project Management Tool

Businesses That Don’t Use Project Management Tool Will Lose This, Project Management Blog
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Project Management today has long past the days of management through shoulder taps, paper trails and excel sheet sharing.

Today’s workforce, workplace and work itself has become highly mobile and digital. There are no 9×5 desk jobs. This has made timely communication and collaboration a challenge.

It’s the age of try fast, fail fast, retry and succeed fast!

Add time management, execution, delivery and stress in the mix and you will find yourself running from pillar to post to keep your business, your team etc. afloat.

Project Management tools have not only become a “must have” but also the right investment for your business.

Let us take a quick look on what Organizations without the right project collaboration tool fail to achieve for their business.


Project Planning Made Easy

We always run multiple projects simultaneously and keeping track of each activity, task and resources across projects is an uphill task. It involves lot of manual efforts and is inefficient.

Project Planning, Project Management Blog

Without a smart interface we are highly likely to miss the big picture, the key connections and interdependencies among activities and resources.

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Not only that, task assignment & prioritization are crucial for smoother project execution.

If not done correctly it throws the team into commotion and confusion.

Lack of absolute transparency and clarity of roles and responsibilities is a huge de-motivator and stalls progress.

Efficient Task Management

Projects consist numerous tasks. And task execution needs adequate information, communication and collaboration for timely completion.

Using emails, spreadsheet, docs to manage all these for numerous projects leads to wasteful efforts and time with a direct impact on your project schedule.

This is where a project management tool is very useful. Assign tasks to your team, reply to tasks and monitor who’s doing what and when at one place.

Share notes, update and review documents and receive feedback instantly.

A project management tool will help with:

  • Single collaborative platform for YOU and your Customers, Sponsors, Stakeholders and teams – Be Smart, Communicate smarter – Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Quicker & accurate decision making driven by real-time granular data
  • Unbridled clarity around business directives and organization goals
  • Real time monitoring of key deliverables and milestones
  • Highly coordinated project planning and execution
  • Centralized collaboration among a geographical diverse workforce

Seamless Team Workflow

Seamless team work is very hard to achieve by managing your team through traditional methods.

Team Work, Project Management Blog

But using a Project Management tool, you can see which team/resource is working on which task/project and which resources are available or overloaded.

At the same time, you can see who is underutilized and over utilized for efficient workload management.

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Your stakeholders, customers, management and teams are all at one place for collaboration so that everyone have the same understanding at the end of the day!

This saves us from 100s of unwanted emails, hallway discussions and delays due to time zone and geographical differences.

Shared Documents and Calendars

Majority of projects consists of high number of documents and that need to be shared across the team members.

Using different tools, sending hundreds of emails with attachments or using storage apps would lead to loss of time and make it difficult for your teams to find your documents easily in times of crisis.

Every project management tool provides a centralized file storage. You can attach your documents and share with each and every team member easily and quickly.

Also having a calendar with a project management tool is of great help. That will tell when your tasks or meetings are scheduled. So coordination between teams is much easier.

Here is what most of the tools provide:

  • Share documents from your Drobox Account with ease.
  • Sync and integrate with Gmail to get all project updates right in your Inbox.
  • Share images and files using Google Drive Account within project management tool.
  • Integrated Cloud Storage Apps.

Precise Project Tracking

The most important aspect of project management is project tracking and analysis.

Time Tracking on each task and project is most crucial for both project managers and your clients. Both can see how much time your team has spent for a project.

You can track project, task & resources using a project management tool.

It provides clarity, helps you foresee delays and helps you take timely corrective measures to ensure project completion within scheduled time and budget.

Accordingly, you can generate invoices from your time logs and send it to your clients within a project management tool.

In general, it will be difficult to use so many apps to track task, progress, checking the time spent to generate invoice. You will find all the key features integrated in a project management tool.

Using a tool will help you take better decisions faster and enable greater team performance.

Most common values delivered by Project Management tools:

  • Accurate time tracking and transparent invoicing.
  • User friendly task timer
  • Transparent management of billable and non-billable hours
  • Create, Manage and send invoices directly from project management tool
  • Alerts on invoicing and payment due dates, PDF downloads
  • Personalize & enrich your customer information

There are so many other features you may miss if you don’t use a project management tool in your company.

Technology adoption not only minimizes your project management woes but also enhances your team’s productivity. 

Higher productivity means higher profits and better quality – that is what a successful business need.

Thousands of businesses use Orangescrum – The Project Management and Collaboration suite to

  • Centralize project(s) and task(s) management
  • Collaborate resources (people, process, technology)
  • Track Time and Generate Invoices
  • Tailor made views with accurate resource management info
  • Be at the driver’s seat always with Kanban view and Gantt Charts
  • Information rich display cards for TO DO, In Progress and Pending tasks
  • Highly interactive graphical view of multiple tasks, task dependencies, and timelines on a single platform
  • Manage and track resource utilization
  • View real-time Analytics

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