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How to Resolve Resource Constraints in Project Management

How To Resolve Resource Constraints In Project Management, Project Management Blog
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The resource constraints in Project Management are crucial in determining a project’s success. Therefore, a Resource Manager must tackle these constraints before it’s too late.

Every organization has to face constraints in Project Management in every project. This includes people, materials, cost, etc.

However, resource planning will help allocate resources to the required department in a company.

Project resource management is about doing less with more. In short, optimum utilization of resources.

Below are the Resource constraints in Project Management + How to tackle them!



Time, Project Management Blog

One of the essential factors in Resource Management challenges is the project time. The success of a project depends on the timely completion of the project.

You’d not want to waste resources if a project takes more time. If it takes less time, it could mean quality compromise. Thus, find a balance to get the most of your resource management.

A project manager must determine the ideal project completion time.

  • A Project Manager should analyze the right resources suitable for a particular project. This depends on a resource’s skill set and experience.
  • It’s necessary to determine if there are any roadblocks that could take up more time to resolve.
  • Resource allocation is vital depending on the resource availability too.

It gives you a sense of how long specific projects will take and use the data to forecast project length.

Try to plan every step of the project from start to end with the help of Gantt charts. They give you an overview and help in managing the project.

Project Cost:

Project Cost, Project Management Blog

According to a PMI report, only 57% of project completion took place within the initial budget. Cost affects your project outcome to a great extent.

When taking up a project, you must be able to estimate the range of the cost. Below are some considerations for maintaining the cost of the project.

  • Take all costs into consideration. They can include Resource costs, equipment, administrative, and any other overheads.
  • Look at the budgets for similar projects in your industry.
  • Do proper market research on goods and services you need and their cost to buy.
  • Take precautions to minimize wastage to keep the cost low.
  • Estimate vendor bids and price ranges for accurate calculations.

Cost overruns impact margins and can limit the ability to execute future projects.

No matter how meticulously you plan, some unexpected changes might affect the cost.

Thus, keep an open mind while budgeting.


Project Scope, Project Management Blog

Project scope outlines important stakeholders, procedures, assumptions, and limits, as well as the project’s purpose. This also mentions the inclusions and exclusions.

The scope of the project aligns the project elements with its objectives to deliver the final results.

Hitting mandatory deliverables before the deadline can help you utilize the additional project resources to take up other deliverables as per the stakeholder’s request.

Likewise, a few things might take more time than expected and require an additional budget. Then, stakeholders might drop a few deliverables to meet the deadlines promptly.

Tip: Use free Resource Management tools for efficient management.

Quality (Follow the Iron Triangle):

Quality, Project Management Blog

The quality is a mix of the above three factors (and constraints), i.e., Time, Cost, and Scope. Thus, it is also called the Iron Triangle.

The quality of the project might affect the change in one or more aspects of the Iron Triangle. Here is an example of a quality constraint:

  1. The cost suddenly rises, the quality and the scope might decline.
  2. If project time is insufficient, costs may increase, and the rate drops.
  3. If the scope is expanded, time will be an issue to deliver the promised quality.

Project scope is one of the most critical Resource Constraints in Project Management.

Project Resource Risks:

Project Resource Risks, Project Management Blog

Risks are a part of a business. A Project Manager must foresee the potential risks and prepare accordingly.

Since risks cannot be avoided. This is why it’s important to find the right risk management solutions for your company.

A Project Manager must prepare for some specific scenarios as below:

  • Resources becoming unavailable.
  • Competitors taking over a significant share of the market.
  • Market crashing.

Tip: Contingency plans must be formulated as a backup. Prepare a contingency plan during the project planning phase to tackle any last-minute changes.

Manage Resources Constraints with Ease

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