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May Release: What’s New in Orangescrum!

May Ralese What New Orangescrum V2, Project Management Blog
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At Orangescrum, we feel improvement is a gradual and continuous process. So, we put a lot of thought into simplifying how you get around in Orangescrum.

These updates come straight from our Orangescrum R&D Lab. You may also want to check on Product Updates and the Helpdesk Center.

Here is a sneak peek of Orangescrum made easy in May.

Task: All the features have been morphed to make your tasking easy and effortless.

  • Tasks will not be auto-moved to In-Progress upon assignment.
  • Copy task from one project to another by just copying the Task Title, not the whole Task.

Copy Task, Project Management Blog

  • Task “text editor” is expanded to make it more user- friendly.
  • “Last updated information” now readily available along with the Task Title briefs in task listing and task group page
  • Additionally, in the top “Tab Settings”, two filters “All opened task” & “All closed task” are added to lend screened view of all Tasks.

All Opened, Project Management Blog

  • “Change Priority” option is added in the task list page and task group page.
  • One can convert a “task group” into “task” if there is no task assigned in it
  • To help easy tasking, we added the new task group “List view” & “Hierarchical view” and some more features in task group page like,

i) Reorder Task Group.

ii) Reorder task within Task Group.

iii) Collapse and expand Task Groups.

Time Log & Task:

  • Time tracking “Start Timer” functionality with the Time log, this Timer will automate the time log process. Better manage time and resource w.r.t raising invoice on billable times gaining confidence of the customer.

OS Timer, Project Management Blog

  • Implemented project switch in Time Log pop up. With the following additional functionalities:

i) Add Time Log for any other project you are assigned to, staying on the same pop up.

ii) Search Task(s) in Time Log pop up.

iii) Add new Task(s) and log time for Task(s) over the pop up.

  • The general users are given access to template functionality.
  • Given flexibility to users to export as per their requirement for Time Log & Task export & Added pop up with all the options to export.

Pricing Plan: We have chalked out budget-friendly $69 monthly Pricing plan “Professional“, for all dedicated managers who can now take up Unlimited projects with 50 users (limit) creating unlimited Task groups and tasks on their way.

Orangescrum can be used as a Global project management Tool (for all industries), contributing towards collaboration between teams, management, contractors and clients.

Get connected to Orangescrum and redefine the way you work.

 Share your thoughts with us at Check out the all new Orangescrum.

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