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Automate Time Tracking With Orangescrum

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A study done by AffinityLive shows that inefficiencies are costing the US economy over 7.4 billion dollars daily.

The point is; companies are wasting most precious resources – time and money, just because they don’t know how to Optimize Time Utilization, as they have not used any easy tool to measure Time spent in a job?

Here, Orangescrum comes into rescue by designing the (Time Tracker Feature) Timer to make it quick, automatic and easy to record time to any task on daily basis.


How to automate your time tracking?

You run a business & it is very important to track accurate time for your resources spending time on various tasks.

Here’s how to track-time your team or resources.

Use ‘Start Timer’ from Task List or Task Detail Page

As soon as you assigned a task to your team member(s) or any user(s), ask the user to start the timer. It’ll track down how long the user to finish the task when clicked ‘Save’.

An user can start the timer from ‘Quick Links’, ‘Task List’,  ‘Task Detail’ or from ‘Kanban Page’.

Start Timer 2, Project Management Blog

As you start the Timer, it automatically selects the default project and selects any task under that project. You can add a new task from within the ‘Timer’ as well.

Start Timer 2a, Project Management Blog

Down the line, if you want to generate invoice, mark the option billable. Of course, you can put a summary of the work done in the Note.

Start the timer to track the time & if you want any Break , click on pause.

Your time spent on the task is calculated and recorded automatically which would flash/reflect in the Time Log page.

Start Timer 2b, Project Management Blog

Now you can raise an invoice on the Exact time spent on the task, or evaluate the efficacy of the employee by analyzing the time spent and the end result on the Resource Utilization Page.

There is an additional option to Edit in the Time log page to regularize the errors or make adjustments.

Measure it, Improve it, take control of your Time—try Orangescrum now.

Take Your Productivity To The Next Level; Start Tracking with Orangescrum.

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