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How Software Agency used Orangescrum To Increase Productivity By 50%

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Anil Kumar, the Founder & CEO of Saral Technologies, one of the leading software and product development agencies finds Orangescrum integral to their business. Let’s find out the pain points they incurred and how they used Orangescrum to ramp up their core activities.


About the company

Saral Technologies is a specialized product development organization helping enterprises since 13+ years in developing excellent products.

They have proven expertise in starting from an idea to full-blown scalable enterprise software, deployed and managed on the cloud with rich features of fault tolerant and auto scaling solution as per business needs.

Saral Technologies always wanted to use an integrated tool, which will allow them to manage project management tasks using agile methodologies as well as time sheet, so that they can Invoice the customers accurately and provide transparency. They were having issue with using separate tools for Project management, time tracking and invoice management. It was time consuming and difficult to manage.

They were having issue with using separate tools for Project management, time tracking and invoice management. It was time consuming and difficult to manage.

They were looking for a simple tool, which would allow them to manage everything without spending too much time on it.

Then They Found Orangescrum

Orangescrum made our project management tasks and timesheets so much easier and support provided by team is awesome.”

           By Anil Kumar | CEO, Saral Technologies (

As a Software Development Company, Saral Technologies tried all types of tools, which could save time and allow them to focus on their core tasks; they tried and found Orangescrum as a perfect fit for their needs that scored high in the adaptability.

The Solution – that made life easier for

Orangescrum has a very user friendly UI and everything is integrated so well that while you are doing your usual Scrum task as a bonus you are also filling timesheet simultaneously. So, this saves a lot of time for development team and management.

The research team excelled in keeping the UI simple and custom designed to cater to the needs of SME in mind. Orangescrum team created a great product.

Besides, in his own words Anil Kumar speaks, “Orangescrum support is one of the best you will see. As soon as you suggested some enhancement, which will help you, they were able to implement it in quick time. This gave us the confidence that if we need something more as per our requirement from the product, Orangescrum team will get it done.”

What Gained

Previously, Saral had to duplicate the effort on multiple tools to create invoice for T&M project, and there were inaccuracies.

With Orangescrum, these anomalies were removed and the company was more confident of the time logs and able to provide detail log of work with time to customers, which reinforced their confidence.  Simpler UI helped the team to do tasks quickly, effortlessly.

For those working with large teams in multiple projects, it is very reassuring to track who is doing what when with Orangescrum and be doubly sure of better utilizing your resources that saves your time and cost. Furthermore, it lends an edge over your competitor.

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