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How To Get Daily Work Updates In Orangescrum?

How To Get Daily Work Updates For Your Team And Project In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Running a small level unit or managing an enterprise business, maintaining your daily operations is vital for your efficiency & sustainability.

As your business grows, the task updates and reports of your team or project can easily help you stay ahead of the game.

And the businesses that are not monitoring it carefully may lose track of what is happening within their business.

Just imagine the scenarios where:

  • you have an important project to work on and you need to develop everything from the action plan to strategy, but not sure about the progress.
  • a day at work where you do not have to follow your team or customer or vendor for information or updates?

  • When you are dependent on others to provide the latest updates so that you can make that crucial presentation to your customer, management, stakeholders or sponsors.

However, through Orangescrum to get rid of such situations the admin can set up a reminder option, by which the team member would get a reminder or email. 

In turn, the team members required just to respond to that email by filling out the daily progress updates.

Why you need it

Simply, the Daily updates are a great way of keeping track of what’s been happening in your team and business.

At the end of each day, each of your employees needs to complete this in detail, outlining everything that’s been completed, areas of concern and what their long-term goals are.

It’s a great way of ensuring that employees don’t shirk their duties, maintain their productivity levels and have something to aim for. Over time you have a detailed log of everything that has been achieved in an easy-to-follow chronological order.

If an issue ever arises, you can fall back on your Daily Catch-ups to determine who was responsible for what.

With Orangescrum, you can send a daily update reminder automatically to your employees/users at a particular time from Orangescrum. Your employee will get an email notification and once s/he replies, the daily update will be automatically stored as tasks in Orangescrum.

How it works

When you have teams (local or remote) working on various projects, it may happen that one or many team members might miss out on sending the daily updates.

Orangescrum has a feature where a reminder to send Daily Update can be scheduled for the team member. Upon seeing this automated reminder, the member(s) just need to respond to that with their respective updates.

How to enable it

Select the Daily Catch-up menu on the left bar or select it from the top-right menu options.

Daily Catch Up, Project Management Blog

Step# 1: Choose the Project Name from the drop-down. 

Select Project 1024x1024, Project Management Blog

Step# 2: Select the users by selecting the checkboxes for who needs to receive Daily catch-up alerts.

Step# 3: Set the Alert time by selecting hh: mm.

Step# 4: Change the Time Zone if applicable.

Step# 5: Select the appropriate frequency for sending the alerts for particular days in a week.

Save The Setup 1024x1024, Project Management Blog

You will love the powerful features of Orangescrum that help get your projects done faster with Time Tracking and Invoicing capabilities all in one single app.

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The features you may like also:

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Task Status:

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Timer & Timesheet:

With Orangescrum automated timer, stay focused on your core activities and save time in no time. Easily mark billable hours and view your team’s time spend in a single view and confidently generate accurate invoices for your customers.

Task Linking and Task Labels:

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Associate or create a relationship between two tasks with Orangescrum Task Linking. Create roadmaps, issue linking or backlog items, etc. for your projects.

Resource Availability & Utilization:

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Gantt Chart

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Kanban & Sprint Board

As soon as any of your team makes a change to the Orangescrum Kanban Board, the change immediately gets reflected to everyone those who are part of the Project or task.

In-app Chat

We understand the importance of clear communication and with Orangescrum In-App Chat, communicate with all stakeholders and share findings instantly.

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Let’s bring it all together

Daily Catch-up is the best option to have on your project management tool where team managers can able to maintain a constant watch over their teams under their authority.

As such, a summary of the key tasks completed each day or serious concerns will be brought to your attention.

However, you will still want to keep as close an eye as possible on your business proceedings. Have you already used the Daily Catch-Up to your advantage? 

Let’s get started!

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