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How to Get Daily Updates from your Team Without Fail?

How To Get Daily Updates From Your Team Without Fail, Project Management Blog
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When running a SMB unit or large enterprise business, maintaining your daily operations is vital for your efficiency & sustainability. As your business grows, a simple string of tasks updates and reports from your daily updates can easily help you stay ahead of the game.

If you don’t monitor it carefully, you will lose track of what is happening within your business.

If not dealt timely, sooner or later, your business’ growth is going to be impacted and may lead to a grinding halt. That is precisely why you need to establish who is going to be responsible for what and making them accountable.

When things go wrong or don’t go exactly as planned, you can skip the blame game and go straight to the person accountable.

As your workforce continues to grow larger and larger, maintaining total control can become too time-consuming and stressful.

As a “business owner” (Project Manager, Team Lead, Head of Operation/Delivery), conducting face to face meetings to get a detailed progress summary of your projects, campaigns, delivery and employees is a precious waste of time and efforts by all involved.

To ensure smooth functioning of your business it is imperative for you to track

  • Project Progress
  • Team Performance
  • Risks and Challenges at hand
  • Accurate visibility of delivery schedule
  • Issues that need immediate attention

There is no substitute for having a hands-on approach in your business that can help keep documents, projects, tasks & most importantly your employees’ or your daily update stored in a tidy, well-organized manner and flag potential issues.


Why do you need a Daily Catch-Up?

Daily updates are a great way of keeping track of what’s been happening in your business.

At the end of each day, each of your employees needs to complete this in detail, outlining everything that’s been completed, areas of concern and what their long-term goals are.

It’s a great way of ensuring that employees don’t shirk their duties, maintain their productivity levels and have something to aim for. Over time you have a detailed log of everything that has been achieved in an easy to follow chronological order.

If an issue ever arises, you can fall back on your Daily Catch-ups to determine who was responsible for what.

With Orangescrum, you can send a daily update reminder automatically to your employees/users at a particular time from Orangescrum. Your employee will get an email notification and once s/he replies, the daily update will be automatically stored as tasks in Orangescrum.

How to setup Daily-Catchup in Orangescrum?

Sometimes team members forget to send their daily progress update at the end of the day.

However, to get rid of such lapses the “admin” can setup a “Daily Catch-Up”, by which the team member would get a reminder email. In turn he/she is just required to respond to that email with filling out the daily progress updates.

Daily Catch Up 2, Project Management Blog

Here’s how you can do this as explained below,

  • Click on Daily Catch-up from the Main Menu on the left or go to Company Settings under the Settings.
  • Select the Project and respective users of the project for whom you would like to setup the Daily Catch-Up.
  • Once the admin sets up the Alert time, Time Zone and Days (Frequency) an email will be sent automatically to the selected users reminding them to send Daily Update of the tasks done by them that day. It is a one-time job by the admin. The reminder mail will be sent to the users daily at the stipulated time.

Daily Catch Up Email Reminder, Project Management Blog

  • If you would like to set up a frequency you need to select # of working days, based on that email will be dispatched. For example, if we have chosen “5 days in a week” option then users will get reminder email notification in 5 days of the week i.e., except Saturday & Sunday.

Bring it all Together

Through Daily Catch-Up, team managers will be able to maintain a constant watch over their teams under their authority. As such, a summary of the key tasks completed each day or serious concerns will be brought to your attention. However, you will still want to keep as close an eye as possible on your business’ proceedings.

Have you already used the Daily Catch-Up to your advantage?

If not, Why not now?

Set your Daily-Catchup Alert


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