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Product Update- Weekend and Holidays Management in Orangescrum

Product Update Weekend And Holidays Management In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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The last couple of weeks have been busy, really busy for our product team at Orangescrum. Thanks to our ever-engaged Orangescrum’ers who are ever vocal about our SaaS (Cloud) edition. It is this continuous supply of adrenaline rush that keeps us going.

“That’s a good headache for us” as quipped by my Manager.

We have reviewed all the feedback and have acted swiftly as ever to give our promoters what they want most – as personalized a project management experience as possible!

With the latest release, you can now

  • Define the working hours of the company
  • Define your company’s weekend days
  • And the company holiday list for the year
  • Update Tasks directly from the Weekly Timesheet

How to define working hours of the company?

The working hours are taken as 8 hours by default. And there was no way for you to change it.

But now you can define your company’s working hours within Orangescrum. If you don’t change it, it will remain as 8 hours by default.

These working hours are important for your Resource Allocation.

While you assign tasks to a resource, Orangescrum will let you know the availability of a resource as per the working hours and the estimated hours of the task for a given day.

To define working hours of your company;

  • Login to Orangescrum
  • Click on Settings and navigate to Company Settings
  • Click on Resource Setting

Resource Setting, Project Management Blog

  • You can see the option “work hours of your company”; under it enter the working hour and click on Save

Define Working Hour In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

How to define Weekends or workdays for my company?

To define weekends,

  • Login to Orangescrum
  • Click on Settings and navigate to Company Settings
  • Click on Resource Setting
  • Check or uncheck the days you want to add in Weekend
  • Click on Save

How to add Holidays in your Company Calendar?

To add holidays list,

  • Login to Orangescrum
  • Click on Settings and navigate to Company Settings
  • Click on Resource Setting
  • Navigate to “Set the holidays list of 2018”
  • Click on Date field and select a date
  • Add the holiday description
  • To add more, click on Add More option
  • Once you add or update all your holidays’ list, click on Save

Create Holiday List In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

The weekends and Holidays will be removed automatically from your estimated hours while creating a task or allocating a resource.

Note: Only Owner and Admin can define the working hour, weekend and holidays list of the company.

How to update tasks from Timesheet?

To update a task on the Timesheet

  • Navigate to Weekly Timesheet
  • Click on the Task title under Task column

Task Update On Timesheet Page, Project Management Blog

  • On the Task Detail pop-up, you can edit, reply, time entry, change assign to, status of the task

Task Detail Page From Timesheet, Project Management Blog

  • Also, you can mark as billable and non-billable while adding your time logs through Weekly Timesheet

We hope these changes will enhance your time and resource management better and give you more flexibility and control over your projects.

Keep sharing your needs and ideas using the quick “Feedback” option within Orangescrum.

Log in now to add all your holidays’ list and define the weekends and working hour for your company.

Don’t have an Orangescrum account, sign up here.

Feel free to share your comments and feedback below, we’re listening!

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