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Orangescrum Capabilities That Increase Your Productivity

Orangescrum Capabilities That Increase Your Productivity, Project Management Blog
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There are a lot of articles, suggestions, tools available to increase your productivity. But at the end of the day, it will not enhance your productivity unless you organize yourself and generate optimum output with minimum input.

Question is why you or enterprises want their employees to be highly productive at a workplace?

  • You want to do more work at less time?
  • You want to achieve better results of the work you do with your time?
  • By more productive, you want to earn more with your time?
  • You want to be more productive to relax and make life easier?
  • You want time to do something you’re passionate about?

If you look at the above points, then you will get one thing, without managing your time effectively you can’t increase your productivity.

You can use all possible tools and systems at your disposal, but what matters most is “your own awareness of your time & how effectively do you use it”.

“People’s behaviour stats show that they actually use 60% or less of available work time. Even though they are physically at work five days a week, they are only productively using three days. So you pay almost 70% extra wage for getting things done.”

Let us see how an intuitive and smart time tracking solution can help you manage the greatest of resources; i.e. “Time” and lead to optimum results for your team and company.


Time and Resource Management

As amply clear, you can never be more productive without managing your time. And to this effect you need

  • An inbuilt Smart Timer – to track your time.
  • Resource Availability – to help you decide whom to use, when and where.
  • Resource Utilization – to review and analyze how your team fared w.r.t the estimated time.
  • Leave Planner – to have a robust resource planning with real time insights.

Let us see how Orangescrum’s Time and Resource Management capabilities help you achieve

ALL of the above!

Timer to Track Time:

With smart intuitive timer, you can track the exact time spent by you or a resource on a task. It will give a better idea how much time you’re spending; accordingly, you can manage your time or you can take corrective measures.

How to use the timer?

You can start timer in 4 ways;

  • Task List Page
  • Quick Links
  • Quick Button
  • Task Detail Page

From the task list page, you can click on the dropdown as shown in the below image and then click on “Start Timer” to track your time.

Start Timer From Task List, Project Management Blog

You can also navigate to our “Quick Links” by clicking on the “+ New” at the top of the page to Start Timer as Shown in the image.

Start Timer From Quick Links, Project Management Blog

Using “Quick + Button” you can also start the timer from the Time Log page as shown in the image below.

Start Timer From Plus Icon, Project Management Blog

In another way, you can use the timer from the task detail page.

Start Timer From The Task Detail Page, Project Management Blog

Once you start the timer, you need to select a task (if you started the timer from the +New or Time Log Page), Orangescrum will start the tracking how much you’re spending for a particular task. If you have estimated hour for a task, then it will give a glimpse whether you’re finishing on time or taking more than estimated.

Timer, Project Management Blog

On Timer, you can leave a “Note” for your own reference in future or for others. If your work is a billable work, then you can mark the time spent as billable. Click on “Save” to register your time to Time Log entries for your tasks for that project.

Want a break in-between your work? Then pause the timer, till you back to work.

“Orangescrum replaced our complex excel time log to a simple web log, and further, the invoice generation facility reduces most of the work of managers!”

Bala Murugan L, Patent Consultant IP Firm, India

What is the benefit of using Timer?

  • Automated, Easy to use and friendly timer aids in faster adoption of time tracking as a habit
  • Accurate, actionable and reliable time tracking information

Time Entry:

Sometimes you may forget to start the timer for the task. No worries! You can still track your time using the “Time Entry” feature.

How to use Time Entry?

Like Timer, you can use Time Entry in the same pages. You can use it from “Task List”, “Quick Link +New Button”, “Quick + icon” on Time Log Page, and “Task Detail” page.

You can refer to the “Timer Images” and click on “Log Time” to enter the time spent on your tasks.

On Time Entry pop-up, you can select your task, date, start and end time with your break time; the time spent will be auto-calculated. If you want to log time for other resources, then you can change the resource. Like Timer, you can leave a Note & mark as Billable your task here as well.

You can add multiple time entries at a time unlike using a timer.

Time Log Entry, Project Management Blog

Benefits of using Time Entry:

  • Improved time management and productivity
  • Operational Efficiency across teams and organization
  • Relief from nagging your teams to do their time logging
  • Zero administrative overhead for time logging
  • Transparent management of billable and non-billable hours
  • Teams can focus on actual work rather than worrying about time tracking

Resource Availability:

This one is the biggest aspect of the Resource Management. Using this feature, you can know the availability of all your team members.

When you assign tasks to a resource and if he is not available then it will show you the date when s/he will be available next and it’ll suggest the other resources available for that period.

How to use Resource Availability?

On the Resource Availability Dashboard, you can see the resource or team member’s available or overload hours. Accordingly, you can assign tasks and plan the day.

Create a task, and never forget to define the “estimated hour” in it.

Estimated Hour, Project Management Blog

Once you create it, it will reflect on the Resource Availability page. You can know if the resource is “Available, Booked, Overloaded or on Vacation”.

Resource Availability, Project Management Blog

Even if you don’t see the availability of resources and want to assign a task, it will show a pop-up with the next available date and time and other resources available during that period if the assigned resource is not available. If you still want to assign the task to your chosen user, click on “Create Anyway” to assign the task. Eventually, the user will be overloaded.

Resource Not Available, Project Management Blog

Leave Planning:

It is another awesome feature. If the resource is on leave, then you can enter the date and reason of leave. This way your project activities aren’t impacted and the team can step up to help each other leading to increased collaboration and motivation within the team.

Leave, Project Management Blog

Benefits of Resource Availability:

  • Heightened awareness around task dependencies and their impact
  • Increased collaboration and real time status update
  • Adequate clarity around project progress leads to team motivation
  • Teams are clear about their tasks, their role and expected outcomes

Resource Utilization:

Resource Utilization Report gives you a fair idea of how effectively you have used your resources and time. It immediately highlights your team’s billability and indicates the status of your project ROI.  The Task Types in the report lets you know which tasks are eating into your project schedule and if they need more attention and skills.

Resource Utilization, Project Management Blog

You can export the report to share with your clients. With selecting different columns and filter you can generate different reports.

Benefits of Resource Utilization Report:

  • Ability to identify tasks, tasks types that consume maximum time
  • Build customer confidence and trust with the Time log export
  • Clarity on resource utilization enables better project and task planning
  • Real time monitoring of estimated vs. actual spent hours.


Besides Resource Utilization, there are few other time log reports which will help you analyze your team’s performance at a quick glance.

Time Log Pie Chart:

For a quick view of your time spent, you can navigate to chart view to get the details of your time logs.

“Chart View” is a smart show of the teams’ work with a clear task to time spent mapping. Not the one to be satisfied with graphs, make that click noise and view it all!

Chart View 3, Project Management Blog

Calendar View:

The Calendar view, gives you a quick date-wise view of the actual hours spend. You also have Weekly and Monthly views.

Calendar View, Project Management Blog

Over to you:

Now that you are here, it is clear that you intend to “Experience the Change” right away.

Join over 2,10,514 users who are already on their path to improved resource utilization, project ROI and consistently rising productivity levels.

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I will be back next week, with insights to real-time executive reports and dashboard.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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