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How To Import Your Projects To Orangescrum

How To Import Your Projects To Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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You can import all your existing projects from any other project management tools to Orangescrum by following steps. Before importing your projects, you may ask why you need to import your projects to Orangescrum if you’re not an Orangescrum user!

In brief, let me explain what Orangescrum offers to you.

For effective and effortless project management, you can do the following with Orangescrum:

Idea>Design>Plan>Execute>Deliver, all you can do within Orangescrum. And of course, you can collaborate with your clients as well. These are the very reason why you need to import your projects into Orangescrum.

Orangescrum has a flexible import feature.


How Orangescrum import works?

To import a project to our SaaS (Cloud) edition,

  • Navigate to “Company Settings” and click on “Import & Export”
  • Download the “Sample CSV file”

Import Export Of Orangescrum 2, Project Management Blog

As per the CSV file, the below things you can import:

  • Project: “Project Name” is mandatory when all project is selected.
  • Task Group: Task Group is an optional field
  • Title – Task Title field is mandatory
  • Description – Description of the task
  • Due Date – Due date of Task with format mm/dd/yyyy
  • Status – Current status of the Task (NEW, IN PROGRESS, RESOLVED, CLOSED)
  • Type – Task type (Bug, Development, Enhancement, RnD, QA, Unit Testing, Maintenance, Release, Updates, Idea, Others)
  • Assign to – Email ID of Task Assigned To
  • Estimated Hour – hh:mm format only
  • Start Time & End Time – hh:mmam/pm format only, Ex. 10:45am/10:45pm – no space between time and meridian
  • Break Time – hh:mm format only
  • Is Billable – For billable enter 1, for non-billable enter 0

Saas Edition Sample File For Import, Project Management Blog

Now create your csv file with all the mandatory information and other information to import the file into Orangescrum.

Remember the following points while importing a project to Orangescrum:

  • If the project is not created before importing a project, then Orangescrum creates a new project.
  • If there is no project mentioned in the csv, then you need to select the project from the drop-down on the import page.
  • If a project has been created in Orangescrum already and wants to add tasks only, then mention the project in CSV under the Project column or leave it blank and select the project in the drop-down as mentioned above.
  • To create Task Group, mention the project in the csv or select the project from Orangescrum for existing project.
  • Task created/start date will be the current date.
  • If you don’t mention the status of the task from list, then by default Orangescrum create a task with status “NEW”
  • Orangescrum will create a new task even if the task title matches a project.
  • By default, Task Type will be “Development” if you leave it blank.
  • If you assign a task to an existing user’s email id, then it will show the User in Assigned To in Orangescrum otherwise it will be unassigned.
  • For time log, Task title and Project field are mandatory.
  • Don’t delete any column although you can leave blank for optional fields.

How to import your projects from other tools to Orangescrum?

  • Once you get the “Import & Export” page from the Settings as mentioned earlier, download the sample csv file.
  • Enter all the Project and Task details you wish to import.
  • Select Project “All” to import multiple projects at a time
  • Upload your CSV file
  • Preview the data once again before importing

Import Preview Of Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

  • Click on “Confirm & Import” at the bottom or click on “Import”

Project Import Preview Sample In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

And it’s done! Now they’re Orangescrum projects.

How import works in Orangescrum Open Source (Community) edition?

The same steps need to be followed to import a project into Orangescrum Open Source edition. But with a slight difference –

  • Not only you can import Project Name, here you can also import Project Description, Project Start Date, Project End Date, Project Estimated Hour, Project Budget, Project Cost Approved, Default Hourly Rate, Milestone, Milestone Start Date, Milestone End Date, Milestone Assigned To, Milestone Description and the other fields remains the same as SaaS edition. (Except Project Name, all the project related fields are only available for Executive Dashboard add-on users)

Community Edition Sample File For Import, Project Management Blog

  • If a user is not an existing user already and you’ve assigned to a new user, then Orangescrum will send a user to invite to that user.
  • To add Milestones, add them to a project in CSV and import it.
  • If the task title is already existing in Project, then it will update Task Status, Assigned, Due Date or time log (if any). It won’t create the task again like SaaS edition.

Over to You

Worry no more! Your data is always within your control and we love it that way!

Getting aboard Orangescrum or leaving us is as simple it can be.

So what’s stopping you from getting your projects into Orangescrum?

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