Orangescrum New UI

Orangescrum New UI add-on: Finally Launched

The All New UI for the Orangescrum cloud version launched in early 2016 is extremely functional with a fresh new look-n-feel; Generates more curiosity and found to be very interesting for our community users!

We got numerous enquiries about the ‘New UI add-ons’ and some of the users were so impressed that they were ready to pay even before the New UI could be released. Here are some of them quoted:

Enter the Project Inception

First let me state that I believe in a hybrid model for a successful project that helps keep the totality of the project on track and people focused on the end goal. Combining waterfall, scrums and sprints with Kanban to create product faster allow for pivots to keep cost and time rained in!

October release: What’s new in Orangescrum

We have been working hard to improvise the user experiences to the Orangescrum users. Post the release of Orangescrum Community Edition last month, we have been receiving many feedbacks from our Open Source Community users. It’s been a privilege to have them in our Discussion Forum and Issue Tracker. Hats off to them for their invaluable suggestions which have been a continuous inspiration for the Orangescrum Team.