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What is Opensource Project Management Software and Why Enterprises Love It

Open Source Project Management Software, Project Management Blog
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Suppose you have the recipe for a special dish that no one knows and can’t even prepare. This makes you the sole proprietor of the recipe for the dish.

People who have tasted your dish love it but can’t prepare the dish themselves as only you possess the recipe for the dish.

On the other hand, if you make the recipe freely available for all you are basically making the recipe to the dish opensource.

This suggests that everyone can access the recipe, modify it and even earn out of the modified recipe.

This analogy best describes opensource software where the source code of the software or application is made public and organizations and developers are free to modify and add functionalities to software as they please. Developers can also redistribute the software as their own.

Some of the most popular opensource software technologies are Python, Linux, WordPress, Bittorrent, Orangescrum, and VLC media player.

At least some form of opensource software is used in all aspects of modern technology starting from smartphones, and airlines to software like Netflix.

According to research the market of opensource services is increasing at the rate of 21% and will reach a market value of $66 billion by 2026.

Opensource Software Scaled, Project Management Blog


A Brief Overview of Opensource Software?

Opensource means that it is publicly available to everyone. It is a licensing agreement that facilitates developers to improve the functionalities of the opensource software and can redistribute it.

For example, Orangescrum started out as a closed-source tool but after making the software opensource it became one of the most loved opensource project collaboration software.

Opensource encourages developers to think freely and collaborate with the opensource community.

This has enabled the tech world to produce some best software, platforms, tools, and services.

The philosophy of opensource is based on five pillars i.e. transparency, collaboration, delivery, inclusion, and community.

How Does Opensource Work?

Opensource software is kept in a public repository and can be accessed by anyone who can use the code to add enhancements to the project’s functionality and design.

It includes a distribution license: The five most popular licenses according to Synopsys Black Duck® Knowledgebase are:

  • MIT License
  • GNU General Public License (GPL) 2.0
  • Apache License 2.0
  • GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0
  • BSD License 2.0 (3-clause, New or Revised)

Opensource software documents the changes along with the procedures used when the source code is modified. However, the resulting software after modification of the source code may or may not be freely available which largely depends on the license conditions.

Open Souce, Project Management Blog


Why Do Companies Prefer Opensource?

Today, companies are actively opting for opensource programs which has brought swift change in the software market.

Expected Change In Opensource Software, Project Management Blog


Below mentioned are the top reasons why businesses are opting for opensource solutions

No Lock-in Contracts for Software Availability

When companies use proprietary software or platforms it makes it difficult for them to transition to other alternative software solutions.

Companies often have to suffer added expenses because of the software lock-in period.

Oftentimes solutions that made sense in the initial states may no longer work as their business grows.

This has prompted businesses to replace expensive proprietary software solutions with opensource solutions to solve vendor lock-in problems.

It provides the freedom to use, edit and distribute the software solution as per the individual’s requirements.

Orangescrum opensource software is Free to download and use. It features no lock-in contract which is why enterprises can host the opensource project collaboration tool on their server and use the software solution indefinitely.

Attracts Skilled and Talented Contributors

Open source has attracted more talents globally which has opened more opportunities for developers to learn and improve their skills.

Developers in turn get the freedom to code and test and get the opportunity to innovate and create something impactful.

Adoption of OSS helps organizations in various ways:

  • Build more skills in the staff of the organization
  • Increases the available resources for problem-solving
  • Promotes team collaboration and open-minded culture in the companies

Today, nearly 70% of tech talent prefer OSS over proprietary cloud technologies.

Build a Strong Community

Why Companies Prefer Opensource, Project Management Blog

(Source: Slash Data)

One of the most important benefits of opensource software is its community-oriented culture where everyone is part of the same team and is working towards the same goal.

Building a tailored solution is based on pre-existing code and the best thing is that you can even contribute to the project by making the new solution opensource and accessible to the general public. It allows for fostering a strong and connected community.

Encourages Developers to Innovate

Open source is an important factor in driving creativity and innovation in modern-age technology.

With open source all software services and tools are readily available and developers can just basically get started anytime.

When ideas are ignited innovation also promotes itself. This in turn permits faster responses and adaptations to the latest trends and market needs.

It’s highly advantageous for companies, especially in times when technology is changing so fast.

Produce High-Quality Software

Software developed by a few programmers may not be as high-quality as the software that has been contributed by thousands of experienced programmers.

It’s not far-fetched to say that opensource software developed by just a single developer can be of higher quality than proprietary code as the code is being simultaneously viewed and modified by many other contributors.

The best part is, because hundreds and thousands of developers are reviewing the opensource code, bugs are identified easily thereby producing a cleaner app than proprietary ones.

Because Orangescrum is opensource it has been contributed by many developers which have evolved Orangescrum into one of the most feature-rich and high-quality software solutions.

Improves Software Security

It’s natural to believe that software being opensource and contributed by thousands of developers, will have a ton of bugs and be susceptible to security threats.

On the contrary, because more and more developers are reviewing the software every day, potential bugs and security vulnerabilities are discovered earlier and get fixed earlier.

Broken code developed by closed-source software can only be fixed by the developer or the development company.

This may take time to develop and fix but with opensource software, the developers fix the issues themselves.

Opensource is Cost-Effective

OSS can significantly lower development costs when compared to commercially-licensed software or in-house-developed software.

Here are a few reasons why opensource is cost-effective:

  • It prevents the deployment of unnecessary functionalities
  • There are no vendor lock-ins in the opensource system
  • Eliminates the need for closed system deployments
  • It avoids expenses related to consultation and support costs
  • Free support from the community therefore the cost of developing the software or app is also reduced.

Orangescrum opensource project collaboration tool is a cost-effective solution for enterprises.

Organizations can customize the software features to meet their unique business workflows without having to pay any royalties to Orangescrum.


When we consider the overall scenario we can conclude that open source has changed the tech industry and has opened opportunities for innovation.

It enables developers to test their creativity and develop next-generation technologies. When it comes to open source there is no limit to the technological advancement developers and communities can create.

Orangescrum is one such opensource project collaboration tool that enterprises prefer when they want to manage their company data on their self-hosted solution.

Are you an enterprise looking for an OpenSource Project Management Tool for your business? Download Orangescrum

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