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The Complete List of March 2018 Orangescrum Product Updates

The Complete List Of March 2018, Project Management Blog
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Hello Orangescrumers!

Hope all is going excellent at your end.

I am here to give you a quick view of OrangeScrum‘s March 2018 product update.

Unlike my previous articles, now you’ll get an idea how we encourage feedback’s and implement in Orangescrum. May be you can see your idea got implemented in Orangescrum?

Let’s start one by one updates…


Set right priority for your Project

One of our user Tricia requested us through “Feature Request”, why can’t be there a “Project Priority” of projects?

Tricia asked, “while each task has a priority, there is no way to tell what your highest priority projects are, as a project can have a task of various priority, but that is not indicative of how important the actual Project Priority is”.

She is absolutely right & a good suggestion as well; you’ll agree too!

We reviewed this and added immediately to our Cloud edition.

So how you can set priority of your project?

You can set the priority of a new project as well as all your existing projects in OrangeScrum.

To set the priority of a new Project;

  • Click on “New Project” from Quick Links or Menu or + icon
  • On the Create New Project pop-up, you can see the priority option at the top right corner.
  • Select your priority from “Low, Medium, High” and create the project with all other information.

Project Priority, Project Management Blog

You can see the priority of the project in the “Dashboard”, Pending Task in Analytics & in “Project” page.

Priority In Dashboard, Project Management Blog

Oh! You’ve created a project without any priority, no issues! You can change by editing the project and set the right priority.

Refer & Earn Program

Whenever you refer OrangeScrum to your friends, colleagues, clients to try, you both get $30.

OrangeScrum’s referral program goes live from Mar 22, 2018!

To send the referral link,

  • Login to your OrangeScrum account
  • Hover and click on this icon (below + icon) or Refer a Friend
  • Copy the link from the “Refer a friend” pop-up page & share with your friends, colleagues, or clients

Referral Link, Project Management Blog

Once your friend signup using the same referral link, s/he will get a $30 coupon code. And if he upgrades to any plan, you’ll get a $30 coupon also.

SO, the more friends you refer, the more you earn!

Read the complete details, how Refer & Earn Program works in OrangeScrum

Quick Guided Tour of OrangeScrum:

To get most out of our features, we have added the “Quick Tour” button as you can see in your account at the bottom of menu panel.

On the Task List page, if you click on the “Quick Tour” button, it will take you through all the important features on the Task List page.

Quick Tour, Project Management Blog

Currently, it is added to few pages. We’re adding more page tours soon.

Start Date in Task Detail Page

Earlier it was Due Date, Last Updated, Last Commented, and Created Date in the “Date” section in the Task Detail page. But now we have added the Start Date of the task as well.

Start Date In Task Detail Page Of OrangeScrum, Project Management Blog

Quick Task List from Project  

Click on Project Name from the project card or list view to get your all task of that project.

Issue Fixed:

One of the major issues of Node.js issue has been fixed. Now you can get the In-App chat feature soon in your account to enhance your team collaboration.

Coming Soon:

Soon you’ll get Multilingual (Spanish) support for OrangeScrum SaaS (Cloud).

March Updates of OrangeScrum Open Source Edition:

Document Management:

Document Management system allows to link, track and manage all project documentation in a well-organized manner centrally.

When a user creates a project, OrangeScrum will create a new folder with the same name in the document section.

Under the project (root) folder, it will have three default folders All Tasks, Archive & Master.

Under the Master Folder, a user can create multiple folders. You can create sub-folders too. You can upload files directly to any folder without attaching the document to any task. As an account owner, you can define who’ll access the files and folders.

Files And Folder Permission, Project Management Blog

Folder and File permissions management has also been baked into the Document Management system.

Version Management :

While uploading the same file, if you select keep option, the version of the file will be changed automatically. With selection “Delete”, the new file will replace the old file.

Document Management File Upload, Project Management Blog

Check out the complete feature of Document Management Add-on here

See you next month with added features, enhancements and a further robust OrangeScrum. In the meanwhile, keep pouring your suggestions & feedback.

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