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October Release: What’s new in Orangescrum

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We have been working hard to improvise the user experiences to the Orangescrum users. Post the release of Orangescrum Community Edition last month, we have been receiving many feedbacks from our Open Source Community users. It’s been a privilege to have them in our Discussion Forum and Issue Tracker. Hats off to them for their invaluable suggestions which have been a continuous inspiration for the Orangescrum Team.

Here’s the list of new features,

  1. ‘Custom’ Task Type
  2. Change of login email address
  3. Provision for granting Admin privilege to users
  4. ‘Custom’ Task type in Dashboard
  5. Replacement of ‘Overdue’ with ‘Bug’ in the Task list tabs
  6. Improvised Image gallery to view the attached images

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Custom Task Type

Task Types are the Task Categories and we understand that everybody wants to have their own Task Type/Categories. Now, you can get rid of ‘Development’, ‘Bugs’ and other default Task Types and create your own Task Type.

For more, please refer to the blog,

Change the login email address

Now you have the option to change your login email address.

  1. Go to ‘My Profile’ page under settings.
  2. Provide your new email address replacing of your old email.
  3. You will get an email to your new email address with a button to confirm the new email change request.
  4. Clicking the button in your email, you can see that your login email is changed in the same Profile page.

Admin privilege to users

Now you can give admin privilege to any user of your Company

Here’s how to give Admin privilege to user

  1. Go to ‘Users’ menu on the left menu
  2. Find the user you want to grant admin privilege
  3. Move the cursor over the desired User box
  4. Click on “Grant Admin“ link to do the needful

Here’s the list of features that Admin can perform

  • Invite New user
  • Manage all Projects and Users, but can only see the Tasks of assigned projects.
  • Add/Remove users from Projects
  • Assign/Remove projects from users
  • Set the Daily Catch-up emails
  • Create & manage Task Templates
  • Import & Export tasks
  • Create & manage custom Task Type.

Custom Task type in Dashboard

Now you can customize the Dashboard report. The bug report is changed to custom Task Type report. There is a dropdown to select a Task Type on the Dashboard.

Replaced ‘Overdue’ with ‘Bug’ in the Task list tabs

In this release we got rid of “Bug“ tabs on Task listing which is replaced by ‘Overdue’. This will allow flexibility to end-users from any industry to use Orangescrum. In the coming days, we are going to come up with tabs with custom Task Type.

New Image gallery to view the attached images

The image gallery is much more user friendly one. With ‘Next’, ‘Prev’, ‘Zoom’ and keyboard arrow control features it provides a much better gallery experience.

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