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Orangescrum Product Update Roundup – Take a Tour

Orangescrum Product Update Roundup, Project Management Blog
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April was yet another productive month with exciting feature releases. We always want users to have a great experience using Orangescrum.

Enabling collaboration, ensuring project data confidentiality, personalization and smooth navigation within Orangescrum was the focus of the month.

Let’s us review what’s in store and how you can experience it first hand!


Cloud Edition Updates:

1. User Role Management Feature for Cloud Edition:

Orangescrum started with the most demanding features of our cloud users. Here’s Orangescrum’s ‘User Role Managementfeature that provides clarity to your teams with well-defined roles & responsibilities.

Is your organization struggling to manage multiple user roles securely and effectively?

User Role Management, Project Management Blog

What Makes It Stand Out From The Rest?

Orangescrum account previously had only 4  roles – Owner, Admin, User and Client with some restricted access.

Many of our users did not want their teams to have access to very many actions and felt it did more harm than good e.g. unintentional task edits, close a task or change dates. These changes can cause chaos and affect the project plan & deadlines.

User Role Management allows for Roles Based Access (RBAC) & hence greater control with minimal distractions!

Here are some major benefits of User Role Management feature;

  • Define clear responsibilities for the team members
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Maintains privacy from higher to lower hierarchy
  • High flexibility in terms of actions and permissions across projects
  • Easily share and grant access on a Need to Know Basis
  • Hassle free Customer engagement

You can understand User Role Management better with our step by step guide

2. Quick Links & Left Menu Customization for Cloud Edition:

UI/UX is something our team at Orangescrum is highly passionate about. There is a very stiff yet healthy internal competition as to whose work goes out of the gate 🙂

After careful analysis and experimentation, we chose to simplify the overall navigation and left main menu personalization.

Now you can personalize your Orangescrum ‘Quick Links’ & ‘Left Menu’ options w.r.t the most frequently used features and actions.

Orangescrum Cloud New Ui, Project Management Blog

Greater control for you!

Here’re some key benefits;

  • Easy and quick access
  • Easy navigation
  • Time-saving
  • Better customized account
  • A filtered left menu panel

We’ve shared the details of the configuration and working principle in our previous blog. Additional instructions and help on ‘Quick Links’ are available on our Helpdesk as well.

Open Source Update:

Slack Integration for Open Source Edition:

Orangescrum Open Source edition too has Slack Integration now. You can send instant notifications to Slack from Orangescrum for all your task and project activities.

Slack Workplace, Project Management Blog

We’re always trying to make your work easy. This Slack integration will be available as Slack add-on on our Marketplace soon.

How Does It Help?

You can enable some features with Slack. You’ll get notifications in your Slack channel when:

  • A project is created, updated
  • A task is created, assigned, updated (priority, due date), deleted, archived, and upon status changes
  • A comment is added with file attachments in both tasks and comments.

How Orangescrum Can Be Integrated with Slack?

In our recent blog, we’ve explained the integration process in a detailed manner. For Slack integration with Orangescrum, you must have a Slack account.

Wrapping Words:

So this is a sneak peek to our Product Update. But we won’t pause here. More surprises are on their way to improve your business productivity. We are coming with 2 major updates in our cloud edition such as ‘Custom Task Status’ and ‘Customized Theme’ soon. Stay tuned for our next product updates 🙂

Share your questions, feedback or suggestions, in the comments section below. We love it when you share!

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