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Orangescrum Open Source Project Management Tool is Now Available on Docker

Orangescrum Is Now Available On Docker 1, Project Management Blog
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The Orangescrum open source community edition is built to run on any platform. From the very first release of our product, we have tried to make our installation easy and simple. 

Many of you are familiar with our installation process for Linux, Windows or MacOS. 

True to our motto of easy and simple installation, previously we released the installation automated installer package for our community users. 

Last week, we released the Amazon AMI to install the community edition on AWS with zero subscription price. To further simplify the installation, we have released the Docker container of community edition today. 

With this release, anyone can run Orangescrum just downloading the Docker container. It’s very simple.

For those who don’t know, Orangescrum is a free and open source Project Management and Collaboration tool. This helps you to organize projects, team, documents & tasks at one place.

Orangescrum can be used for Sprint Planning, Bug Tracking, Task Tracking, Product Launch, Product Roadmap, Marketing Campaigns, Advertising Plan, etc.

In the free Open Source Project Management Software, you can get Unlimited Projects, Tasks, Milestones, Users, Custom Task Type, Kanban, Calendar, Task Template, Daily Update Reminder, and Email Notifications, etc.

For Premium features such as Time & Resource Management, Gantt Chart, Custom Task Status, Project Template, Invoice, Subtask, Executive Reports, Advance Bug Tracking etc., available as add-ons here.

There are multiple benefits of using Docker installation to try Orangescrum; 

  • No technical skills required
  • Platform Independent
  • Ready to install pre-built package
  • Zero Installation charge

Let me explain how you can install Orangescrum on your Windows or MacOS platform using Docker.


Step by step guide to install Orangescrum Docker in Mac and Windows


  • Virtualization is enabled in BIOS
  • Docker Toolbox
  •  Oracle Virtual Box / Hyper-V
  • Kitematic

Step 1

Download the “Docker Toolbox” from ““.

 Step 2

Install the dockertoolbox.exe file.

Step 3

After the installation, you will see the “kitematic” icon on the Desktop.

Step 4

Click on Kitematic icon to Start Docker VM

Docker Window, Project Management Blog

Step 5

“Connect To Docker Hub” window will come, click “CLOSE or SKIP ” icon on right-bottom of the window.

Connect To Docker Hub, Project Management Blog

Note: If you have already downloaded the image, you can see the option Skip to proceed.

Step 6

Click on “DOCKER CLI” in left corner of Kitematic Window.

Docker Cli, Project Management Blog

Step 7

Write the below two commands into the terminal

# docker run -d -p 3306:3306 –name=osdb orangesrum/orangescrum-db

# docker run -d -p 80:80 –name=osapp –link=osdb orangesrum /orangescrum-app

Commands, Project Management Blog

Step 8

After executing both commands, docker will pull the OrangeScrum image (The download will start automatically).

Step 9

After successful completion of the above two commands, Click on “orangescrum-app” container on the Kitematic window.

Step 10

Click on “web preview” icon on right-top of the Kitematic window before Setting icon as shown in the image.

Step 11 

After Clicking on web preview icon, you will see the SMTP page of OrangeScrum application.

Docker Web Preview, Project Management Blog

Step 12

On the SMTP Configuration Wizard, configure the SMTP with Host Name, Port, User Name and Password

OS SMTP, Project Management Blog

*Note: You can Skip SMTP setup by clicking on “Skip”. Also, this step doesn’t verify your SMTP configuration. Follow the SMTP troubleshooting to fix the SMTP/Email invite issue.

Step 13

Once you click on the “Finish” button, you’ll be asked to provide your Company Name, Email address and a Password to login and start using OrangeScrum.

Quick Signup, Project Management Blog

Step 14

After successful signup, OrangeScrum interface will look like this:

Successful Signup, Project Management Blog


Check out this step to step guide to install Orangescrum on Linux server using  Docker container. 

What is Docker?

Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a complete file system that contains everything needed to run: code, run-time, system tools, system libraries – anything that can be installed on a server. This guarantees that the software will always run the same, regardless of its environment.

Over to you

With the Docker release, we’re excited as you to know your experience with the community edition installation using docker. Let us know your feedback, ideas for improvements, or comments below, we’re listening!

Launch Orangescrum Now

See you soon with another update. 

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