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Install Orangescrum on PHP 7, Subtask and Task Linking Released

OrangeScrum Open Source Update, Project Management Blog
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We heard you, Orangescrum’ers! Now Orangescrum Open Source edition can be installed on PHP 7 supported servers. Earlier the best-recommended version was PHP 5.6. After this release, you can upgrade to the latest PHP version 7.0, PHP 7.1 & PHP 7.2.


How to Upgrade Orangescrum to PHP 7

  • Before you upgrade the PHP version of your server, take a complete back up of the existing files.
  • Download the latest OrangeScrum package for PHP 7 from here.
  • Follow the installation guide and install the package.
  • Configure the php and Constants.php file and replace the cache file from webroot folder.
  • If you’ve installed any add-ons, then contact us.


A subtask is a great way to split or break down a task into a number of smaller tasks in order to track each associated activity required for successful completion of the task. It helps to assign & track it separately to better organize your tasks.

Recently, we have released sub task feature for our Cloud edition. We’re glad to inform, this has been released for the Open Source Enterprise edition too.

Orangescrum Enterprise edition has five levels of hierarchy:






How can I create a subtask in Orangescrum Open Source?

  • Create a task
  • Click on the Task title
  • On the Task detail page, navigate to Sub task tab

Task Detail Page To Create Sub Task, Project Management Blog

  • Click on + icon to create a subtask
  • Enter your Task Title and Click on Save

Create Subtask, Project Management Blog

How to Update subtask?

  • Click on Subtask title
  • Click on edit icon on the subtask detail page
  • Update all the details like start date, due date, estimated hour, task type, milestone etc.

Sub Task Update, Project Management Blog

  • Click on update

How to know which is a subtask?

On the task list page, you can see the subtask icon to know which a subtask is and click on to view the subtask title.

Know Your Subtask In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

I want to see the demo of the subtask feature

Task Linking:

Now with OrangeScrum Open Source Enterprise, you can link any two tasks in a project to show their relationship.

It is nothing but a task reference only. One task can have linked with multiple tasks of the project. It doesn’t create the dependency between two tasks.

How to create Task Linking?

You can create task linking in two ways.

  • Create or edit task page
  • Task detail page

How to create Task Linking?

You can create task linking in two ways.

  • Create or edit task page
  • Task detail page

Relates To: It has three categories. It defines the type of linking.

  • Relates to: This shows the intended task is related to the following linked tasks.
  • Duplicated by: This shows the intended task is a duplicated task of the linking task.
  • Derived from: This shows the intended task is derived with reference from the linking task.

Linking Task:

These are the tasks linked to the main (parent) task. You can see them on your task detail page.

Task Linking In Create Task, Project Management Blog

To create a task link –

  • Click on Create New Task or Click on the + icon
  • On the create task page, define your tasks and other details and scroll down
  • Define the category of the “Related to” from the option Related toDerived from or Duplicated by.
  • Then define your linking tasks from the task options in the “Linking Task” field

Task Linking Page, Project Management Blog

  • Click on “Save” to create the task and its link tasks.

Task Label will be available soon in the Open Source Enterprise edition of Orangescrum. Watch this space for updates!

Please take me through the demo of Task linking feature.

Over to you

We’re as excited as you, to have subtask, task linking features in the Open Source Enterprise edition. We’d love to see how it makes your task planning easier. You can share your story with us.

Want a personalized tour of the latest Orangescrum Open Source updates, schedule your time with us here.

Download the latest PHP 7 version of Orangescrum Open Source, watch this space for more updates of Orangescrum.

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