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Product Update: New Project Overview for Orangescrum SaaS Users

Product Update New Project Overview For Orangescrum SaaS Users, Project Management Blog
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Hello Orangescrumers!

Good news for all of you. We’ve released the Intuitive Project Overview Dashboard for all our SaaS (Cloud) users; a new way of project, task and resource monitoring.


How to view the Project Overview page?

Once you have created a project, tasks, and allocated resources, you can start monitoring your project status and progress on the “Project Overview” page.

To navigate to Project Overview page,

  • Click on Projects from the left menu panel
  • On the project page, click on project title
  • Or on the Task List page, hover on this icon  Overview Icon, Project Management Blog , right to export and below settings icon and click on Overview of the options

What is New in the Project Overview?

First Layer:

The first layer of project overview contains the following information:

  • Project Status (Started, On Hold, Stack, Completed)
  • Real-time project progress status: It shows in percentage of total closed tasks against total tasks in the selected project
  • Project Name
  • Edit Project: Click on the edit icon to edit the project metrics or names, modify as your requirement and click on update
  • Instant project start and end dates

Orangescrum Project Overview First Layer, Project Management Blog

Second Layer:

These are all the important project metrics every Project Managers wish to have in real time. In this layer you can know:

  • Total Number of Tasks of the project
  • Total Time Entry
  • Total Number of Activities
  • Real Time Task Status report;
    • Total Number “New” tasks
    • Total Number “In Progress” tasks
    • Total Number “Resolved” tasks
    • Total Number “Closed” tasks
    • Total Number of tasks
  • Time Log report in terms of Total Billable, Non-billable hours and total time spent on the project
  • Team Member’s information with Total Task assigned, Overdue Task, Billable Hours and Non-Billable hours of each resource
  • Click on “+” icon to add a new team member/resource to the project or click on to remove the user from the project

Orangescrum Project Overview Time Log And Task Progress, Project Management Blog

Third Layer:

On which Task Type your team spending more time, you can know from the Task Type report. Also, you can see all the files related to the project for quick access and review. You can download it with a click as well.

The Project Launch Date shows the finish line flag to act as motivation for you and your team.

Orangescrum Project Overview Files And Task Types, Project Management Blog

Fourth Layer:

Whereas in earlier reports, you get to know how many overdue tasks you have in the project and against each resource, here you can review the overdue task details with due date and late by how many days.

This helps Project Manager to discuss with all stakeholders to rectify or address these tasks as soon as possible to meet the project deadline.

Also, it has “Insta-activity” stream of your team which enables you to track who is doing what and when.

Orangescrum Project Overview Overdue Tasks And Activities, Project Management Blog

Fifth Layer:

Task Group is like a sub-project in Orangescrum. You can know which Task Group (Can be used as department wise tasks or sub-project) is delaying the project or completed the tasks early than expected.

This layer informs you to check the total number of tasks of each Task group and how many tasks are in Progress and how many closed. If there are any overdue tasks, it will let you know as well.

You can create a new Task Group by clicking on “Create Task Group” button.

Orangescrum Project Overview Task Group Report, Project Management Blog

Sixth Layer:

This is the last layer of the project overview. You can see the Project Description of the project here. Remember this helps users to know the goal, scope, and objective of this project.

Project Description, Project Management Blog


Finally, here is how a Project Overview page looks like:

Orangescrum Project Overview, Project Management BlogI hope you will like our new intuitive Project Overview for better monitoring of your project metrics.

Log in now to check out the all new Orangescrum Project Overview. Don’t have an Orangescrum account, don’t worry, sign up here.

Feel free to share your comments and feedback below, we’re listening!



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