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Navigating Progress – Orangescrum’s Journey in 2023

Orangesctum New Featurs, Project Management Blog
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Orangescrum Project Management Software has helped thousands of team members to become more productive. It has powerful tools to manage project activities seamlessly and collaborate in real-time. Empower your team to achieve more and drive project success effortlessly with Orangescrum.

We are at the end of 2023, which brings us to our yearly updates on the changes and enhancements we have done in Orangescrum project management software.

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Christmas Sales, Project Management Blog

We’re thrilled to highlight the incredible journey of Orangescrum throughout the year. Our commitment to providing a seamless project management experience has driven a series of updates, fixes, and enrichments.

Let’s delve into all the features and enhancements that have been integrated into Orangescrum, making it an even more robust tool for project collaboration and boost team productivity.


New Features Added to Orangescrum

1. PDF export from the resource utilization page:

We’ve added a game-changer for effective resource management. Now, users can export resource utilization data to PDF, gaining valuable insights that empower better decision-making.

PDF Export From The Resource Utilization Page Release Date 29 03 2023, Project Management Blog

2. Gantt chart sorting functionality:

Introducing sorting features in the Gantt chart, providing users with the ability to organize project information more efficiently. Customize your Gantt chart to focus on what matters most to your projects.

Gantt Chart Sorting Functionality Release Date 17 04 2023, Project Management Blog

3. Checklist on task:

Enhance task management with the new checklist feature. Users can now add and manage checklists directly from the task details page, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Checklist On Task Release Date 02 05 2023, Project Management Blog

4. Download of the bug list on Bug Tracking page:

Simplify bug tracking with the ability to download or export the bug list directly from the Bug Tracking page. Streamline your bug management process effortlessly.

Download Of The Bug List On BugTracking Page Release Date 25 05 2023, Project Management Blog

5. Due date change reason report (beta) and Task Cycle Report (beta):

In beta versions, we’ve introduced reports to track reasons for changing due dates and monitor task cycles. Admins and approvers can gain deeper insights into project timelines and progress.

Due Date Change Reason Report Beta And Task Cycle Report Beta Release Date 22 06 2023, Project Management Blog

6. Project overview PDF export:

Now, export project overviews to PDF, making it easier to share and present project details with stakeholders. Orangescrum ensures your project data is accessible in the format you need.

Project Overview PDF Export Release Date 16 07 2023, Project Management Blog

7. Organization user list export to CSV:

We’ve added the ability to export your organization’s user list to CSV format. Simplify user management by having the data you need at your fingertips.

Organization User List Export To CSV Release Date 23 10 2023, Project Management Blog

Feature Enhancements:

1. Sprint, Sprint Burndown, and Budget & Cost Reports:

Significant improvements have been made to the features and performance of Sprint, Sprint Burndown, and Budget & Cost Reports. Gain more informative and detailed data for better project analysis.

Sprint Sprint Burndown And Budget Cost Reports Part 1, Project Management Blog

2. Time log export:

Exporting time log data is now even more efficient. Users can easily export the time log list view, ensuring accurate time tracking records.

Timelog Export, Project Management Blog

3. Task group page loading time:

The loading time of task group pages has been improved, making your project management experience smoother. Task group pages now load within seconds.

Task Group Page Loading Time, Project Management Blog

4. Export custom field data into CSV format:

Orangescrum now allows users to export custom field data into CSV format, providing flexibility and convenience in data management.

5. Project details page displaying statistics and User routing to dashboard:

The display of statistics on the project details page has been enhanced. Additionally, user routing to the dashboard is now more seamless, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Project Details Page Displaying Statistics And User Routing To Dashboard Release Date 30 10 2023, Project Management Blog

Bug Fixes:

Orangescrum has been diligent in addressing user concerns with several bug fixes. Here are some of the notable ones:

1. User profile update:

Resolved issues related to updating user profiles.

User Profile Update, Project Management Blog

2. CSV download issue in resource utilization:

Addressed problems with downloading CSV files in resource utilization.

3. Timesheet entry:

Fixed issues related to timesheet entries.

Timesheet Entry, Project Management Blog

4. Fixing of date field while converting subtask to parent Task:

Ensured proper handling of date fields during the conversion of subtasks to parent tasks.

5. Backlog page Optimization:

Optimized the performance of the backlog page.

6. Task page loading optimization:

Improved the loading time of task pages.

Task Page Loading Optimization, Project Management Blog

7. The tasks are not clickable on the task List Page:

Resolved the issue where tasks were not clickable on the task list page.

The Tasks Are Not Clickable On The Task List Page, Project Management Blog

8. Task list filter:

Fixed problems with task list filtering.

Task List Filter, Project Management Blog

9. Task list search field:

Addressed issues related to the task list search field.

Task List Search Field, Project Management Blog

10. Attached image view:

Resolved issues related to viewing attached images.

Attached Image View, Project Management Blog

11. Weekly usage report improvements:

Enhanced the weekly usage report features.

Weekly Usage Report Improvements, Project Management Blog

To learn about all our past feature releases, enhancement and bug fixes visit our page.

With these updates, Orangescrum continues to be a reliable partner in your project management journey.

Stay tuned for more innovations and improvements as we remain committed to providing you with the best tools for successful project execution.

As we wrap-up this feature-packed update, here are few important points:

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Wishing you a joyful and productive holiday season with Orangescrum!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming year. Happy Holidays!

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