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5 Project Manager Habits To Become Successful

5 Project Manager Habits To Become Successful, Project Management Blog
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Project Managers and Project Management Software are two different aspects. No software can replace the timely delivery of projects unless there’s someone efficient to handle it. That being said, Project Managers take ownership of projects with the quality to foresee challenges that lie ahead. But it doesn’t end here.

According to’s 2020 statistics, the lack of leadership participation was the second most challenge with Adopting Agile Project Management.

When a crisis occurs, a high-performing Project Manager should be ready to respond. Unfortunately, this is often not seen as a proactive move. A good Project Manager prepares for the unexpected and takes action.

So, what makes efficient Project Managers stand out?

5 Habits of an efficient Project Manager

1. Starting with the end in mind

Beginning with the end in mind is one of the crucial factors in Project Management. A Project manager needs to plan before executing, recognize and report possible risks before they actually occur. Focusing on project goals and outputs rather than the sum of its pieces is something that can build confidence and curb challenges of project managers to a great extent.

The simplest of tasks can become daunting at times. A good project manager, on the other hand, knows how small tasks add up to the big picture. The highly successful project manager should always have the big picture in mind, and they should work to link all members of the project management team, higher management ideas, and other project-related employees to the project’s end result. By forming this partnership, Project Managers can ensure that project is moving in the right direction.

2. Tracking Time

Delivering projects within a specified timeline is a crucial factor for Project Managers. Project managers are well-versed with project management processes, but this is mostly confined to the realm of scheduling and planning. It’s about time tracking on a more normal, everyday basis that we’re concerned about. This is more relevant to filling up timesheets. Project teams also hesitate to use timesheets if they haven’t had that kind of experience before. Many project management software applications provide time tracking as a feature.

As a result, introducing the transition to time monitoring as a team could be simpler. Tracking your own time is critical to ascertain the time spends. Making a habit of keeping track of how you spend your time is a good idea. It will assist you in determining whether you are devoting enough time to the most important project tasks.

In this context, the Project Manager’s role is to determine the approach that will give the team the best chance of delivering your project safely on time and on budget.

Following this approach along with a project workflow management smoothens drastically.

3. Managing Project Issues

All the projects hit unexpected obstacles from phase to phase. Successful project managers handle issue management without burning their fingers. Logging your issues each week can resolve a whole bunch of workload.

Incorporating this habit into your weekly routine can help you stay on top of managing multiple projects.

Project management is all about planning, time management, and resource allocation, and utilization at the right places. To manage issues greater than these, great agile project management software helps you handle issues related to team collaboration time log, and time tracking.

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Additionally, project collaboration software like Orangescrum eases the challenge of schedule management for Project Managers. This in turn helps in viewing resource availability according to the logged time by team members and assign tasks appropriately.

Resource Availability, Project Management Blog

4. Understanding the Team

A project manager is like an omnipotent entity during an entire project lifecycle. However, your team will be the one to deliver the outcome. Soft skills and communication come in handy when reaching out to team members. Project Managers should possess the quality of effective communication while accepting ideas that flash from the other end.

In the rush to get things done, managers can be tempted to get tasks completed or shouldering too much. Doing something single-handedly results in faster completion and simpler than spending time training subordinates how to perform tasks. But this brings down the ease with workflow management.

A good coach, on the other hand, understands that team members must learn their assigned tasks in order to gain self-confidence.

Although Project Managers are frequently torn between keeping customers, subordinates, team members, and senior executives, your team will be the one to produce the results of a large and complicated project.

Project Managers often face the struggle of checking team member’s work status. To help them carry out this job efficiently, an all-in-one Project tracking tool can work wonders.

Collaborating with the team and accepting every idea will be daunting. Managing their task in a Kanban view can help grow together in completing and managing tasks jointly.

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5. Documenting everything

According to Wellington’s 2020 report, nearly 25% of organizations sometimes or never create project scoping documents. Ignoring documenting every aspect of a project can cause discrepancies within tasks and timelines.

One way a project manager can maintain the overall responsibility for the project is by documenting. A good project manager is a good document-keeper of recording, monitoring, and maintaining data analysis. This habit should encompass any aspect of a project, and the project manager should be able to provide documents to back up every event or change that occurs.

Orangescrum document management add-on serves as a central repository for all your projects. It consists of a parent folder with 3 folders created by default. This can also be helpful for documenting brainstorming sessions from stand-up meetings.

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Project Managers drive Project Success

Skyrocket your productivity as a PM by adapting to effective habits. Don’t be hard-pressed with working out plans without flexibility for the team. Becoming a good leader translates to a great project manager in real. Practicing the above habits is definitely going to take you to the next level of Project management efforts and drive productivity.

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