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Manage Projects, Track Time & Generate Invoice With Orangescrum

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Orangescrum is the only tool that simplifies business/project management, time tracking and online invoicing all in one place. It’s designed to overcome the tracking and reporting blues of business owners and freelancers.


Accurate Time Tracking

Track down every single second of your time. Access-user-friendly reports by team members, client, and project for any time frame. It’s your time billed in real-time.

Time log > Track time spent on tasks > Monitor spent hours > View Time Log Dashboard > Generate Invoice > FINISH

Orangescrum makes it simple to Track Time and Generate Invoice building the trust; here is how it works

  • Start your timer anywhere from Task list, Kanban View, Time Log or Quick Link section
  • You just need to ‘Save’ it, once you’re done with the task
  • The Start Time, End Time and Spent Hours are captured automatically
  • Generate Invoice without missing a single billable minute
  • Timekeeping has never been easier…

Timer tracks down time spent by users and enables users to log their time spent with other relevant details on the projects they work.

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Track time spent on Tasks & Projects:

All your tasks and projects can be tracked with respect to time spent by each resource or user. Get accurate time-to-work ratio comparison in few clicks.

Monitor your spent hours in a particular task or project easily and get your billable hours calculated, automatically.

View Time Log Dashboard

One click and you can view all your time log entries for a particular task or project. This makes easy for the project manager or admin to take decisions faster besides getting quick information about the project.

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With Orangescrum’s Invoice feature, billing and invoicing gets easier than ever. In no time, you will be able to create and add invoice items from your projects save it to your system, print it or send it to your clients.

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Invoice Dashboard

The dashboard gives you complete picture of tasks for both billable and unbilled time. Clarity on tasks associated with billable hours, description, resource details with the start and end time. You will also be able to see hours spent by each resource on each task.

Time Worked, Project Management Blog

Manage projects with Ease

Orangescrum Invoice makes it easy for business owners to stay organized and save time with Orange scrum’s invoice feature.

Get more things done in less time. Make your clients and your team happy. Keep it simple and professional. Work smarter. Get paid faster!

Need any help – We are just a shout away. Check out Orangescrum Helpdesk to know more. All new Orangescrum–  with Google Materialize Design.

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