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Evolving the Orangescrum Look-n-Feel Experience!

Evolving The Orangescrum Look N Feel Experience, Project Management Blog
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From today, you would notice that the UI look-n-feel are bit different across the pages of Orangescrum. We’re working on the design to bring you a new and improved Orangescrum experience, and over the next few weeks you’ll continue to see a series of design improvements.

Our goal is to give our users seamless and better user experience. It’s always evolving the way people use and experience the web.

You can see there is a bit of makeover on the “Create Start” button, Left menu and the left Action button across Forms/Pop-ups.

The new look color combination is more eye soothing. We decided to use not more than 3 colors. Starting today It will be more fun using Orangescrum.

Create Task, Project Management Blog


We really appreciate if you can spend your precious time in Orangescrum and  give some valuable feedback about how you liked it.

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