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Save Your Time and Stay On Track with the new Calendar View

Save Your Time And Stay On Track With The New Calendar View, Project Management Blog
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Recently we made some major updates in Orangecrum and “Calendar View” is one of them.

See Our: Orangescrum Rolls Out Major Updates: Calendar View, Compact View & Complete Task Export.

Since we are getting loads of inquiries in regard to Calendar View from distinctive sources, we thought to explain.

Calendar View provides an interface where user can easily view the exact status of a task whether it is NEW, IN-PROGRESS , RESOLVED or CLOSED monthly or weekly basis and accordingly schedule task deadline. Our goal was to build a powerful, compelling but simple and easy to use interface. The features are:

  • Easy to see which task is pending and when it was due
  • Diverse color for distinctive mode or status of task helps to identify and track the progress easily.
  • Drag n Drop tasks to the desired due date on the Calendar.
  • You can create a new task with due date from the calendar view itself by just clicking on the particular date.
  • It is available on top of Orangescrum work graph, so it gives you up-to-date data. That means, any changes to task or due date made by your teammate are reflected immediately in your calendar.

Calendar View, Project Management BlogHow can it help you ?

It provides you an easy to use and attractive interface where you can see all your tasks with their status. If you found your task is stuck with a resource for a long time, then you can allot that task to another resource. You can easily track your work progress which helps you to meet your deadline. It will undoubtedly save loads of time which might be used on email or thread follow-up. Visualizing the tasks and milestones expedite to achieve your goals.

It is an innovative attempt by our development team to help  to stay on top of your tasks and projects.

Sign up free now and If you have any suggestion or feedback,  then please share with us.

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