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Manage Your Remote Team with Orangescrum – Project Collaboration Tool

Manage Your Remote Team With Orangescrum – The Project Collaboration Tool, Project Management Blog
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Jeff Bezos said – small team works better than a larger team. Small teams can Manage Remote Team N 1024x505, Project Management Blogbe located from different regions around the globe. They just need a system where they can collaborate and stay up-to-date on the product development.


Challenges while working with a remote team

Orangescrum is best suited for today’s project management scenario. Agile Development and Scrum have been extremely popular among development team and clients.

No matter where you are globally, with Orangescrum you feel like sitting next your developer.

It is virtually impossible to manage projects by communicating through emails. The Orangescrum takes care by keeping the assignments, files and related discussions handy under a single thread.

Attaching & sending larger files are faster with a just a click away, be on mobile or tab or computer.

To track and measure your developer’s Orangescrum is really very helpful.

Stay organized and up-to-date with Orangescrum

Orangescrum manages the time-zones in a very effective way. You can see the latest things happening around the globe with respect to your local time-zone. You have option to change time-zone if you travel to a different location.

Stay in the same page with your team using Orangescrum dashboard. Here, you can monitor and control the tasks/assignments listed out. For any activity on any task, email notification is sent.

Attaching your files to the tasks and Orangescrum will keep all your files in the cloud. You can view or download them anytime and anywhere as per your need.

With Orangescrum you can use DropBox or Google Drive to share your files.

Track who is doing what using Orangescrum. Assign task to individual developer with a due date. Check status and get the reports.

Orangescrum helps you to store your idea, manage and organize them. It facilitates to set priority to task. Sign up now

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