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10 Essential Feature of Team Management Software

10 Essential Feature Of Team Management Software, Project Management Blog
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Handling remote and in-house teams might be difficult. It becomes more difficult when you have to handle various projects at a single time. Any mistakes occurred by the team will bring project failure.

It will cause additional expenses, which results in unhappy clients and demotivated team members.

This software facilitates collaboration with the team. It also boosts the productivity of your team.

The Team Management Software or Project Management Software creates accountability that enables you to set the deadlines, scheduled tasks and documents.


What is team management software?

Team Management Software helps in managing all the tasks of the project in a single dashboard. It provides you with a shared platform.

This shared platform facilitates project collaboration and gives project managers a high-level overview of where things stand.

This improves the collaboration and provides project managers with a view of the task progresses.

To keep your things moving in the right direction in your projects becomes easier and provides larger scopes.

If any mistakes occur, it will lead to extra budget and project delay. It will also create unhappy clients and executives.

The team members can collaborate through these tools for project delivery.

31% of business has observed that most of the work is completed due to team collaboration.

Why Organizations Must use Team Management Software?

With spreadsheets you can create fancy charts but is it effective for your project? It is not a productive option for managing projects.

Therefore with effective team management software, you can develop team collaboration, track time and other benefits.

So here is the reason why you should use Team Management Software:


As your team handles many projects, accountability plays a vital role in project development.

The team cannot perform well if they don’t understand their tasks and know the major parts.

With Team Management Tools you can get accountability of the project schedules, deadlines and organize documents.

The manager by using the Team Project management tools can pull the reports and analyze the team progress.

Visibility Increases

The project progress now doesn’t remain in the dark. You get to deliver more successful projects and within the budgets.

The whole team can view the goal of the project and the role each member plays in completing the project.

The team can view real-time updates about the tasks and the progress of the project.

More than 71% of professionals have observed they spend more time every week on unnecessary meetings but using the Team management software, they can directly collaborate from the board and keep the members in the loop.

The Must-have features in ideal team management software

Team Management Software provides lots of features that help to effectively handle your team with successful project completion.

However, some of the essential features of the team management tools are:

1. Easy to use

The team management tools or Project management tools are user-friendly.

Many team members often find it difficult to understand the tools, but using simple management tools like Orangescrum helps the team to understand each feature and manage the project easily.

2. Collaboration

With ideal project management tools, you can develop a platform between individuals and team contributors.

It provides the team members to collaborate and complete the task while staying on the same page.

3. Schedule

It is an important feature of team management tools. The project managers can schedule the project or tasks to each team member.

It helps the team members to identify what is necessary, that needs to be done.

Proper scheduling helps the team to meet the deadlines and the team remains motivated from the project beginning to the end.

4. Time Tracking

With management software, you can identify the time you spend on each task.

This provides more productivity to the team members. Your team can identify the activity that took more time.

5. Document Sharing

The team members can download, upload and share documents or sheets in real-time. This improves more collaboration and helps the project manager to make informed decisions that are based on actionable insights.

6. Budget Management

The budgets are the estimated costs required to complete the project. The budget is used to handle operating costs, equipment, labour cost, and more.

7. Real-Time Collaboration

As most of the team is working remotely, it creates difficulty to collaborate. The team management tools help to communicate and provide real-time updates on the task.

8. Third-Party Integration

As your work is spread out across various platforms. It allows the team members to go to and fro between several applications.

But with Team management tools you can enjoy all these features on a single platform.

9. Resource Management

Resource management features help to plan and manage the resources you need for project completion.

You can manage the resources efficiently, it ensures the project remains on schedule. It helps you to plan and allocate resources based on your team capacity.

10. Project View

Your team can view the project in a single timeline. It helps to view the work progress and the remaining task needs to be done.

Using management software you will get a clear idea about the budget needs for a project.

You will get a real-time update on cost and help you to identify if you are under costs.

Why should you use Orangescrum?

As Project managers have to deal with lots of things, therefore they go for the right team collaboration tools that help to manage the team and project.

Orangescrum has been the most effective and flexible tool to work with. You can view your project deadlines, tasks and work progress from planning to execution.

Orangescrum Project Management Software provides all the project details in a single timeline, assigned members and documents sharing.

You can add feedback or comment on particular tasks.

If you are searching for an effective tool that helps you to collaborate and manage your team without putting in the extra effort then go for Orangescrum for many benefits.


What is Team Management Software?

Team Management Software is a platform that helps the team to communicate, collaborate, and effectively manage the other team members and other tasks.

It helps you to effectively manage your project that helps in successfully completing the project before deadlines.

What are the 5 essential features of Team Management?

Team Management provides you with many features. But some of the essential features of Team Management Tools are:

  • It helps you to track the time spent in each task.
  • The team can share the documents in a single platform.
  • It helps to schedule the task.
  • The team can effectively collaborate.
  • It is easy to use tools with many features that help to easily manage your project.

Name 5 best Team management Tools for your Team?

The 5 best team management tools you can use for your team are:

  • Orangescrum.
  • Microsoft Project.
  • Proofhub.
  • Teamweek.
  • Liquidplanner.

How does a Team Management Tool Work?

A team management tool is an application that helps the team to collaborate, manage, and communicate.

It helps the team to gain more productivity and improve the quality of the task produced by the team.


Task Management Software improves the team’s productivity and efficiency. It is a tool for all your needs. The teams always look for effective and time-consuming methods to successfully deliver the projects.

But it is important to choose the right tools that help the team in getting an optimum outcome. With these features, you can collaborate, handle and manage your project.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.


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