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Web & Graphic Design Agency Cobit Manages all with Orangescrum Project Management Tool

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Bug Tracking | Time Tracking | Client Management | Invoicing

Slovenia based Cobit is a market leader in the field of web design, including conceptual approach and graphic design, advertising and printing. Cobit founded in 2002, takes pride in being recognized as a family–friendly company with a very strong focus on social responsibility.

Cobit approaches it customers with a very high partnership quotient. Business partners of COBIT get more than just a product: they get a superior product, positive energy, a team that takes care of the partner company and supports their development and progress as stated by – Rok Špacapan, Marketing & Development Manager, Cobit, Slovenia

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To further their business motto, Cobit needed a collaboration platform for its teams and partners to ensure superior product development, delivery and absolute transparency at all levels.

In addition to collaboration, their development and testing teams also needed a central platform for easier bug tracking and resolution to meet partner timelines.

Why Orangescrum?

Having used Bugzilla, the prime ask from the Cobit teams was to have a platform that is

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Allows easy & quick collaboration
  • Makes task categorization, assignment and tracking simpler
  • Enables time tracking for their varied tasks
  • Provides invoicing capabilities
  • Partner management with absolute transparency

Before orangescrum we did not have a centralized database for bugs and assigned tasks per user/developer. There was no easy means for time logging and billing” – Rok Špacapan, Marketing & Development Manager.

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How easy was the transition from Bugzilla to Orangescrum?

As an organization, everyone agreed that we needed a change of platform. This ready acceptance to change eased our transition.

We were able to establish a direct link between our daily operational & management problems and Orangescrum capabilities.

Changes are always associated with costs and risks. Orangescrum offered us the flexibility to choose the features we truly needed which reduced our trial costs and the rapid support via LiveChat and remote access fuelled our confidence further.

The similarity between Orangescrum and Cobit’s partnership approach was also instrumental to our decision.

With Orangescrum we managed to organise our tasks better within the teams, and with the Time Log & Invoice Pro Add-ons we also have a billing system automated. The technical support was very fast and helpful.” -Rok Špacapan, Marketing & Development Manager, Cobit, Slovenia

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