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How to Use Orangescrum for Content Planning & Execution

Use Orangescrum For Content Planning Development V8, Project Management Blog
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Type of content used in the past 12 months to make B2B purchasing decisions: White Papers (82%); Webinars (78%); Case Studies (73%); eBooks (67%); Blog Posts (66%); Infographics (66%); Third-party/Analyst reports (62%); Video/Motion graphics (47%); Interactive presentations (36%).

(DemandGen Report – 2016 Content Preferences Survey)

Producing and publishing quality content expedites conversion in a digital campaign. So developing quality content being one of the key strategies in any marketing plan, the relevant questions that normally hit the marketing teams are –

Do we have our monthly blog post ready?”

“What happened to the social media campaign we discussed last week?”

“This is my 3rd reminder about the infographic image we had discussed about!”

“Is the blog image ready for today?”

“Where are we on the content part for the new feature announcement?”

and the list goes on…

While developing a content marketing strategy, you primarily go through the following five steps, i.e.;

1.Idea Brainstorming

Orangescrum provides excellent collaborative platform to talk, chat, message and share your ideas without losing a thread.

Do it with Orangescrum

Craft a new Project in Orangescrum called “Content Brainstorming” and within it, create tasks called “Ideas & Thoughts.” This will help collect all ideas that your team can come up with.

Simpler, Easier and Meaningful.

Orangescrum helps Content Creation Teams to manage their workflow, meet deadlines, run productive meetings and track everything from start to finish centrally and transparently.

2. Target Audience Mapping

95% of B2B buyers are willing to consider vendor-related content as trustworthy.

(DemandGen Report – 2016 Content Preferences Survey)

The whole concept of Content Creation is to post content that your audience will love to read; a content that talks about their intrinsic problems and offers relevant solutions.

This is best achieved when everyone shares their insight on customers. The content must reflect alignment of company’s persona with the prospect or audience – the ones who are going to read your content.

Using Orangescrum content writers can schedule their activities from concept to publish, by assigning each task in a logical flow for verification and proofing.

Internal sharing of documents and files are done fast so that no member misses out on anything.

3. Content Creation, Theming & Editing

Now that we have a lot of content stuffed in our tasks – its’ time to make them clean and to the point. The next step is to assign them to the editors and put on their calendars.

Do it with Orangescrum

The Editor can collect the writings of the Content Writers; all in Orangescrum, work on it, comment and specify changes, schedule it to the time-line and lastly send it to the design group to finalize on color schemes, fonts, images or infographics.

Orangescrum helps shape and control the workflow

4. Designing – Image, icons, infographic, etc. 

As the task of dressing the content with icons, befitting images and infographics land on the designers’ table, finally content begins to be meaningful.

This tough workflow; from initiation to finalization cannot not be done manually within a small time frame.

Where flawless communication is the-need-of-the-hour, automated tools like Orangescrum help to multi-task activities from one workplace and enable quicker content delivery.

5. Content Verification and Finalization

Once the content is designed and icons, images are added wherever required, it is finally submitted for posting.

It’s really tough to generate a good blog that drives the point home. But with Orangescrum, a lot of activities can be automated.

You have more quality time to publish quality posts that build the desired customer connect.

The team delivers more blogs and contents – consistently with accuracy. So you reach your prospects quick and deep gaining on competitors.

With Orangescrum, you live up to the demands of the time. Creative teams spend up to 50% of their time managing projects, tasks, deadlines and people, leaving little time to do what they really love and should – CREATE.

I urge you to read SFCG’s success story (a major marketing agency in the US) on how they expanded their customer outreach program using Orangescrum.

SFCG Success Story

Orangescrum now and always.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you use project management tool for effective content marketing strategy . Hear you soon!

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