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Simplified Time Tracking Timesheets with Orangescrum Project Management Tool

Simplified Time Tracking Timesheets With Orangescrum Project Management Tool, Project Management Blog
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Delivering on time, within estimated time and budget is integral to business viability. Digital marketing agencies, professional services & consulting firms or product and services companies like us constantly battle with questions –

  • Are our employees disengaged?
  • Do they monitor their time spend?
  • Are we able to capture and track actual time spend vs estimated times
  • Do they find their work meaningful?
  • Are they motivated enough?
  • Do they understand the impact their work has on the client’s success?

If the answers are less than affirmative, it is clear that there is unmindful wastage of time within our teams and it is hurting our business and clients.

& we were no exception at Andolasoft Inc.

It also means they are not able to differentiate between productive and non-productive tasks and how they allocate their “Time” to these tasks.

The age old industry adage we love to quote – “You cannot manage what you can’t measure” is surprisingly prevalent in today’s digital world despite millions of apps and tools to measure almost every human activity.

Activities feed on time; a precious resource!

Before we can ever start making amends to the situation we are in, we need to know

  • Where is our team spending their maximum time?
  • Does their time spend bring revenue?
  • Are we spending as planned?
  • Will we deliver on time and within budget?
  • Will this project be profitable?

Find all your answers with Orangescrum’s simplified DAILY & WEEKLY TIME SHEETS.

Let’s see how it works.


Daily Timesheet

Daily Timesheet helps both you and your team members to track all tasks undertaken for the day, actual time spent on each activity, total time spent, and their productive outcome. It displays both billable and non-billable activities, which helps you analyze their productivity on any given date.

Daily Timesheet, Project Management Blog

Weekly Timesheet 

Weekly Timesheet displays how much time a resource has spent on which task, under which project, and total time spent for each task over a period of seven days.

This helps you analyze which activities require more attention, and helps you make quick decisions in terms of where and when you need to assign more resources.

Weekly Timesheet, Project Management Blog

Many of us don’t want to waste our time in entering each of our activities on a regular interval which in turn breaks the flow of our process. Don’t worry, we got you covered here. If you have missed out on any task that you want to add for any given date, you can record new activity by clicking “+ Add Line Item” at the bottom of the table and enter the task details, and time spent.

Automatically, a new task gets created under the respective project. Similarly, if you have a same task for the next day or next week, you no longer have to create a new task that day. You can add time against each task for a particular day.

With our Daily and Weekly Timesheets we want to make sure your work environment is de-cluttered and that everything has a place. Getting rid of unwanted clutter is our first priority.

Staying Organized is the best way to contribute to the team and give them an opportunity to increase productivity.

Time may still be an unexplored dimension and out of human control, but how we utilize it and direct our energy is always in our control. Make your decision, and take measurable actions.

If you have still not used OrangeScrum, you can never know the difference.

Don’t run out of the time you have… Sign-up Now and experience the change.

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