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Top 11 Tips For Better Time Management In The Workplace

11 Incredible Tips For Better Time Management In The Workplace, Project Management Blog
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Work smarter, not harder – Carl Barks

More or less you all know and agree with the above quote. Isn’t it? Still, many of us rant about the same old thing “I have no time” when asked to take some time for something of their daily work.

This is because they have a problem with time management or prioritizing things. However, it’s wrong to make an excuse of time lack, where poor planning is responsible.

Not to mention, we all have 24hrs in a day to eat, sleep, work, entertain, study, cook, exercise. Some of us are just too good at task management in both personal and professional life. Others are yet to master this art.

Precisely, we can’t even think of covering all our activities in the usual 24 hrs of a day until we learn proper time management. Here, we have come up with 11 powerful tips for managing your time in better way in workplace. Are you ready to go for it?

Time management is necessary for our life, which is already packed with unexpected tasks and disturbances casually referred to as “time thieves”. The good thing is that it is possible to cut down on them and make up those lost hours in a day. It all depends on proper time management— efficiently managing your time rather than letting it control you.

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What is Time Management?

Time management is an powerful art and skill that directly and indirectly impact on your daily personal and professional life . It is a balancing act of tasks and time to optimize the efficiency of an individual’s productivity. Necessarily, task management is helping you get lots of work done in little time and in a better way.

Task Management Scaled, Project Management Blog

Is It Important?

Yes, It is. developing the skill of time management could have a positive effect on your work-life — where most of us fail badly. It often becomes difficult to accomplish every single task assigned in a day. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages it has:

  • Better management of tasks
  • More productivity
  • No sign of stress
  • Balanced work – personal life

On the other hand, if you lag in time and could not do all the work put in your timesheet, you may have to face the following consequences:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Poor quality work
  • More stress
  • Work disproportion
  • Suffering exhaustion

With perfect time management, you get to manage your work hours in the best possible way. When things at work go as planned, you end up feeling happy and less stressed. It’s time to take a sneak peek at task management tips and tricks to be at peace in the professional sphere.

Incredible Tips For Managing Time in Better Way  at Work

1. Make a Plan… List commitments and keep reminding them

Having your plan is necessary, whether in pen-paper or digital format. With it, you will be able to arrange the tasks and plan their execution or delivery times respectively.

A plan is the right thing to work on as it records your tasks and allows reviewing as well as reminding them regularly.

2. Ensure Time Management in Separate Blocks

Another recommended practice for time management is to divide the work of an entire day into separate blocks; by complexity, priority, or theme. The purpose is to break down your work into different categories.

A good example is the Scrum project management methodology which helps your team handle difficult projects by dividing them into smaller tasks and maximizing time, budget, and company resources.

3. Culture the Habit of Setting Goals Every Day

Again, you can make it a habit to set work goals every day. It will prove to be an effective option for doing away with all small and easy jobs fast and right.

You have to be go-getting but also set practical and possible goals to keep motivating yourself continuously.

4. Consider Prioritizing Tasks

Indeed, all your tasks won’t be of the same urgency or importance, so begin with those with a high priority, while the least important ones can wait until you get more relaxing time; after lunch or at the end of the day.

Prioritizing tasks is a strong element of time management in the workplace. So you should focus on finishing the high priority ones during peak performing or 1st hour, in which it delivers good results.

5. Be Flexible in Setting Deadlines

It is wrong to plan deadlines beyond your reach. To arrange the work properly and have space for some unexpected events that may come up suddenly.

6. Create a Prim & Proper Work Atmosphere

The right work setting has a positive effect on your thinking and performance. So think of arranging everything from chair and desk to lighting and other things at your workplace to your taste and preference.

7. Avoid Multitasking

The performance will be better when you do one task at a time rather than start doing multiple tasks simultaneously. A single-tasking approach adds to your focus and makes the most of the available resources. So don’t mess up, give time to each task it wants.

8. Rope in Third Parties

There are times when you have surplus work than your expectation and you can avoid taking more stress of completing them by handing over some of them to 3rd parties. In this way, you will be able to complete them all successfully on time.

You must learn the quality of sharing some of your work responsibilities.

9. Review the Schedule & Reason Out

It’s good to make a review of the period that you had set for the accomplishment of certain tasks after it lapses. It will help you find out which committed talks have been completed and which you could not undertake and its reason.

10. Plan Your Break to Reboot

A small break is very necessary for time management. To leverage your work time, you need not work the whole day, because the time when you work exhausts you of your productivity. Planning small breaks enables you to reboot, detach from the unpleasant or tiring feel and bring in more optimism for further work.

11. Recognize and Control Time Thieves

Whether you are working in the office or remotely, you have to recognize factors or activities that steal your work time and hold you back from undertaking the assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

The sooner you come to know about the time stealing factors, the faster you should find solutions to remove them completely from your schedule.

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