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Top Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity with Workday Insights

Strategies To Increase Employee Productivity, Project Management Blog
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We speak with our clients every day about their efforts to boost their workforce productivity. For an organization’s growth, it’s essential to regularly assess employee productivity and make strategic adjustments.

However, a company must be able to precisely measure productivity before it can increase it.

Many companies are having trouble in two key areas as they continue to transition to remote and hybrid workforces:

  • inadequate visibility
  • no workday data

When operating remotely, some organizations had lost this visibility and data, while others quickly realized they had never had it in the office. The need for time tracking and workforce productivity software like Orangescrum has increased as a result.

The leading project management software Orangescrum offers workday insights into all areas of an organization in real-time that are actionable. All workday activities are tracked by Orangescrum, which enables businesses to quickly pinpoint areas in need of resources and improvements in order to boost productivity and efficiency.

Based on experience with some of our most valuable customers, the top 3 productivity strategies for remote and hybrid workforces and businesses are listed below,

  1. Choosing benchmarks and goals
  2. Setting goals
  3. Transparent measurement

Choosing benchmarks and goals

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Definition of Benchmarking.

To measure a company’s operations and performance indicators against industry standards and best practices of other companies, bench-marking is utilized. This process typically involves measuring three variables: quality, time, and cost.

Although comparing industry best practices and those of competitors is considered one of the best productivity strategies, we recommend initially establishing benchmarks at the team level.


Benchmarks and targets will vary depending on the sector, but more significantly, they will vary depending on the team and the position. Setting benchmarks requires comparing similar job roles and functions.

Every team is different, and depending on what they do and where their strengths lie, their top skills may change. And it is definitely different for remote and hybrid workforces.

Setting benchmarks requires comparing similar job roles and functions.

It’s also essential to match benchmarks and objectives with the team’s overall KPIs and objectives. You should choose realistic goals. If their goals are not relevant or realistic, employees may become demoralized and uninspired.

To start with, it keeps track of every workday activity and provides you with precise performance metrics for your analysis. The performance metrics include:

  • Number of tasks and projects finished
  • Project Timelines: Hours devoted to particular tasks and projects
  • Start and end times for attendance
  • Total number of hours per day, week, and month
  • Levels of daily productivity
  • Idle time
  • Use of third-party Websites and Apps

Second, it enables you to find top performers more quickly. Finding these top performers will allow you to evaluate their work habits and performance, helping to establish guidelines for the rest of the team.

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The overview dashboard makes it simple to identify top performers.

Once they have been located, explore their activities to learn more about what they do and where they spend their time using our analytical reports.

  • Activity Overview
  • Use of third-party websites and apps
  • Jobs and Projects

Defining Tasks for Measurements

The tasks that are connected to these measurements must be distinctly defined now that your benchmarks and targets have been established. Employees can achieve goals and KPIs more quickly and significantly increase their productivity by outlining exactly what needs to be done and what the target metrics are for each task.

Additionally, this tactic may result in greater employee accountability, which has a direct impact on both productivity and engagement. Higher performance as a result of clear expectations and goals can help managers recognize and reward staff more frequently.

You have the authority to create tasks and projects for teams and specific employees using Orangescrum.

Transparent Measurement

The last method I would like to discuss is measuring openly. We all understand that increasing workforce productivity requires routinely tracking progress and giving employees feedback. The most productive and engaged employees, however, gain from having open communication with their managers.

Employers can foster an environment of openness and trust by disclosing the activities that are tracked and the data that is gathered. To take it a step further, employees can see their overall impact on the team and the company by sharing data across the team and even departments. More collaboration and improved communication may result from this.

Employee productivity is the amount of output or work that an employee produces in a given period of time. It is a measure of how efficiently and effectively an employee uses their time, skills, and resources to complete tasks and achieve goals.

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Improving employee productivity can significantly benefit an organization’s bottom line by reducing costs and increasing revenue. Employers can use a variety of strategies to boost employee productivity, such as setting clear goals and expectations, providing training and development opportunities, and creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Orangescrum project management software assures managers that their staff members are making the most of their time by holding them accountable. Furthermore, employees gain visibility into their work and the reassurance that their efforts will receive recognition. Try Orangescrum now.

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