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How To Handle Remote Workforce With 3E Approach?

How To Handle Remote Workforce With The 3E Approach, Project Management Blog
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A remote workforce can highly benefit those who can’t handle the monotony of office life. The flexibility to work from anywhere with flexible hours is a terrific motivator. These days, employees are ready to forgo salary hikes, holidays, and retirement plans in exchange for the opportunity to work remotely.

 It’s startling to know that over 4.3 million people in the USA work remotely of which 3.2% includes the entire workforce. With that said, isn’t it obvious that remote working has become the need of the hour?

Remote Work Reported, Project Management Blog

Although the market has flooded with remote work opportunities post-pandemic, workforce management needs to implement some productivity maximization techniques for the team.


So what is the right way to manage a remote workforce?

Working remotely doesn’t mean spending long hours on work, anymore. It focuses more on getting maximum work done in lesser time (Keeping your team’s sanity still intact).

Constant email interactions, shorter e-meets, and video calls aren’t just enough.

Of course, we have things beyond these communication tools that add an edge to the way Managers manage remote teams.

The best approach is to re-engineer the remote workforce to get the most out of your remote team.

A good manager is one who sees the value in their subordinates and respects their views.

This rings a bell about a quote by Bryant McGill—

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

This also highlights the importance of the 3E’s approach!

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According to the “Equipped2succeed” framework, recognizing the knowledge, qualifications, and skills becomes vital in implementing the 3E’s of Remote Workforce Management.

What is the 3E Approach in Remote Workforce management?


Telicomputing Technology, Project Management Blog

Working from home for a remote workforce may need the right tools. Equipping the right set of collaboration tools can help remote teams progress on an above-average level.

A productive workforce requires the below tools as a necessity –

  • Collaboration & Communication Tools

    These days, considering time and distance limitations, the remote workforce is required to utilize the benefits of video conferencing tools to communicate extensively.Collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, Loom, etc. work seamlessly, especially when integrated with other software for managing projects.Also, tools with AI Technologies help facilitate remote hiring processes with face and voice recognition and automated screening capabilities.

  • Project Management Tools

    Get yourself rid of poor time management, long email threads, and time-consuming task management.The remote work environment needs all-organized data in place to track every step of managing projects.Ease your remote team accustomed to Project Management tools that can easily track tasks, sub-tasks, track deliverables, set and meet deadlines.

    Some popular Project Management tools include Jira, Asana, Orangescrum, Zoho, and many more.

  • Office Suite

    From WPS Office to Libre Office to Open Office, Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and presentation software have become the integral aspects of a great office suite.If your work requires you to draw long documents, generate forecasts and budgets on spreadsheets, Office Suite software is your go-to tool to ease Remote work management.


IT Infrastructure, Project Management Blog

  • IT Infrastructure

    Obviously, you wouldn’t have imagined this part to be on the list.Unfortunately, a lot of organizations assume infrastructure to be an employee’s sole headache.But, for a second, imagine employees turning digitally invisible without these vital means.

    Working from home can pose several IT challenges. From IT admin support to high-speed broadband internet and peripherals, we often take IT facilities for granted while at work.

    Not many organizations provide these facilities as a part of the remote work process. It’s time to at least offer the allowance of high-speed broadband connections for rapid work productivity.

  • Cyber Security

    The first thing that rings in mind when we experience spam, fraudulent emails and phishing attempts is Cyber security!In 2020, 45% of breaches involved hacking, 17% involved malware, and 22 percent featured phishing attacks!Cyber criminals are on the go, especially after the Covid-189 crisis.

    Working from home systems as gateways for cyber crime.

    To add to this horror, remote workers often fall prey to data theft.

    Keep your systems prevented with Two-factor notifications, device-based antivirus, SSOs, firewalls, and more.

  • Home Workspace Amenities

    From furniture to ergonomics that involve work comfort, every employee has their personal arrangements when they go remote.But what about those who can’t afford that kind of leisure?Creating a special workspace is an organization’s responsibility to ensure that remote employees work in healthy postures.

Why should organizations include a private workspace for remote employees?

Uncomfortable body postures can lead to orthopedic problems, sickness; sleep deprivation, and much more!

The result?

Absenteeism, poor health, and thus poor productivity!

In May 2020, Google told its employees of reimbursing up to $1000 for setting up home offices.

Similarly, several companies made it a point to offer their remote employees ergonomic furniture.

Managing a remote workforce involves helping minimum work amenities that add value to work quality.

This also helps teams to work more comfortably and productively.


Empowerment, Project Management Blog

The best gift an organization can give its remote employees is to make them feel special and wanted!

Loneliness and isolation are the biggest factors that lead to the downfall in productivity. Apart from this, the pandemic has brought along several emotionally draining factors such as FOMO, Zoom fatigue, and so on.

Provide your remote workforce with some tried and tested formulas that always work—

  • Mental Support

    Mental health issues and disorders must be addressed by employers.Several companies are offering sponsored mental health check-ups, online yoga sessions, mentorship webinars, and meditation apps that can help calm the mind.Remote employees need the much-required support from the ones they’re working for.

  • Continuous learning opportunities

    What can get better than the opportunity to upgrade your skills and expertise free of cost?

    A lot of companies post Covid has offered employees to opt for free courses sponsored by the company. This not only helps employees in up skilling but also the company workflow to enhance productivity.

    Distance learning opportunities are a great way to provide value to your employees. Opt for webinar software that can help conduct such events.

    Help your employees in empowering themselves to sharpen their capabilities and potential to the fullest.

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Enhance your Remote Workforce

Working remotely can increase productivity with smart remote work processes.

Applying the 3E approach can make a difference in the employee interest level for meeting work parameters.

As much as these approaches bring advantages, they bring along challenges to the organization too.

Ease your remote working challenges with Orangescrum Project Management Software that can ease your project efforts.

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