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The Best Project Management Checklist for Busy Project Managers

The Best Project Management Checklist For Busy Project Managers, Project Management Blog
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Project Management Checklists can mean different for different project managers.

But one thing remains unchanged for Project Managers—

If there’s too much on your plate, you’re sure to work aimlessly running around in circles.

Project Managers need to stay on top of their game. Juggling around projects without a Project Management tool or checklist won’t take you anywhere.

Why not opt for a simple yet smart checklist for project managers instead?

We’re sure this will save you the horror of staying behind deadlines!


Top 8 Project Management Checklist that helps you stay on track –

1. Sort out your Objectives

According to 2020 statistics, 55% of team members cited their project objectives to be unclear.

When it comes to goals, the top two questions that must pop up in your mind are—

  • Who are we trying to reach?
  • What problem are we solving?

Defining your project offers room to:

  • Define your goals
  • Set expectations from the project
  • Monitor key performance indicators
  • Set the scope, budget, and time frame

Once you’ve answered these questions, define the project deliverables.

2. Define a Breakdown structure

As a project manager,

it’s essential to define your tasks that are realistically achievable.

With clear resources and objectives, it will be less of a hassle to set tasks and activities in order.

Understanding task dependencies can help prioritize tasks. They also help in analyzing the resource availability at a given time.

Adding Task Management to a Project Manager’s Checklist can ease hurdles of time management too.

We recommend opting for a productive Project Management software that offers cost-effectiveness.

3. Filling up Timesheets

As much as we discourage the value of time tracking, documenting time has proved us wrong. It’s often noticed that teams are lazy in filling up timesheets as the weekend nears.

What if we say that you don’t have to go through this hassle anymore?

What could be better than an automatic time tracking process that lets you log billable and non-billable hours?

Accuracy is never an issue when there’s a simple yet intelligent collaboration tool that tracks time.

4. Resource Motivation

Never expected this point on the list? Yes, as much as tools and software are vital, so are people. After all, a company is made up of people.

Feedback and recognition go a long way in the success of any project.

It truly isn’t easy to keep track of every resource’s performance manually. To make this possible, automated ways of monitoring performances are made available to Managers.

Resource Management includes task allocation to the right resource with the skillset. This immensely helps in gauging their progress and keeps them motivated.

5. Managing Risks and Issues

Dynamic projects will certainly run you into problems and hazards. Following risk management procedures can help to ensure that risks and issues do not negatively impact your initiatives..

6. Converse personally than Emailing

Social interaction should not be used to replace email. Got a complicated question? Discuss it or call right away. Don’t hunker down in your cubicle.

7. Ask Questions

Get real with associates. Asking clarifies a lot of doubts. It also builds a rapport plus makes you approachable as a Manager.

8. Educate your Folks

Promoting the right knowledge through emails on webinars, conferences, articles, books, etc.

Be willing to learn about new innovations, ideas, and trends. It is helpful to both the associate and the organization to provide educational training possibilities.

Is your Project Management Checklist ready?

After learning about the super 8 points, you can add more points to this Project Management Checklist template free to be edited.

We’re sure you’ll follow what suits you the best!

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