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Why Project Management isn’t fun anymore?

Why Project Management Isn Fun Anymore 1, Project Management Blog
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Remember the good old but fun days of Project Work in school? What happened to those activities with bunch of students helping each other and working cohesively to complete the task at hand?

Where did we lose them? We weren’t taught this and neither were we like that!

The energy, the passion, the competitive spirit, the unadulterated spirit to help each other succeed and excitement of success have been replaced with stress, work overload, disparate communication, lack of transparency & partnerships. Even worse unsatisfactory results and delays at maximum times!

How and when did we end up making fun stressful!! Any Guesses/Read How:

Not sticking to the Plan

Planning is a favorite pastime for millions on this earth. Me included!

We plan from everything inconsequential/silly (game night, movie night, hairdo, dinner dates) to life changing events (choice of degree, university, company we work for to our weddings and some even plan their child’s future 🙂  ).

OR we think we planned but those are shelved as soon as created. Those plans are now out of sight, out of mind.

We lose the required focus and fail to take timely necessary actions that are essential to the plan’s success!

Mismanaging Time

Be it work or personal life, their quality is traded in only one currency -“Time” just like $$ is universally accepted over others.

There are countless adages, folklore tales to real life experiences stressing with absolute clarity that life is all about – “Sweet Timing”.

Nothing ever beats it. But we still fail to manage it in time!

Success; today is defined by one’s mastery of assigning time & acting on time. No exceptions!

Communication; or the Lack of it

The ONLY constant since the Big Bang Theory (not the sitcom of course) in my view is Communication.

Every species ever to walk, crawl or fly on this earth had their own means of communication.

And yes it evolved with them, with us.

Yet, we find ourselves while gifted with the most powerful tool at our disposal!

Take a look at Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and our very own Steve Jobs to understand how open, just and timely Communication helps achieve success, create legacies, shape the culture and define history!

Disconnecting People

Large corporations, powerful governments, countries to the smallest teams and towns are all representative of their people.

They exist because of their people.

They exist because their people believe in them.

No movement, struggle, innovation have succeeded without People!

It is imperative for each of these entities, for each one of US to reciprocate equally.

People deserve more. People deserve to have their faith rewarded!

Do you agree on how YOU can make project management fun again for yourself? For everything else there is Orangescrum!

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