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Orangescrum Updates, September 2016: What’s On?

September Update V4 1, Project Management Blog
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September was quite an eventful month!  We have Orangescrum Updates ready for you.

Preplan your Tasks with the Start date field

You have been creating tasks in the current date till now, in Orangescrum Cloud version. Now you have an added privilege to Pre-plan your activity and put a date of commencement in Advance.

But, of course, if you want to revise your Start-date to some Back date, you can edit in the Gantt chart by dragging the task bar backwards to the desired date.

Easy transfer multiple Tasks to the users:

As owner or Admin, you want to assign multiple tasks to some user. Now you can assign it by selecting the tasks in the Task List page of the cloud version and then tap on the drop down menu near it. You can then select any user from the list and assign tasks. This leverages you to quick-reschedule the tasks and saves you from tedious individual assignments.

Assign Multiple Tasks To Users, Project Management Blog

Orangescrum Community pre-built:

We now offered the Pre-Built On-Premise edition with all add-ons in our endeavor to make your transition smooth and bestow enriching Orangescrum experience while focusing only on running your business seamlessly.

You get Pre-installed Community edition with ALL Add-ons with a more lively Services page; you can easily connect with us – as ALWAYS!

No installation hassles, No setup issues.

Orangescrum Pre-Built

Talk to our consultant help to find the right environment to install it on your premises or you may order the live installation support & training to install Orangescrum on your premises.

Save time with Project Templates to build new Client Partnerships:

You have 2 fresh add-ons Client Management, Project Template that’s on their way to Save productive time and work Smart with one and forge Client Partnerships built on mutual trust, transparency and confidence with the other.

Project Templates are built to help you define logical sequences of tasks for your projects. You work smart, build intelli-plans for your projects, increase your efficiency and avoid time and effort leakages..

It saves you from repetitive, monotonous, time and effort intensive work!

Find a Happier you.

Project Template Add-on

This facilitates you to Edit, Delete and customize it to your project needs. You can create a new project or convert a project template into a project within Orangescrum.

Client Management Add-on is specifically built to enable better client engagement and collaboration for your business.

Your digital life call for absolute clarity and lack of information usually leads to dissatisfaction and unwanted perception issues. Right??

Client 1, Project Management Blog

The Client Management add-on helps define permissions for your clients via simple Yes/No configurable boxes in the Company Settings menu.

Client Management Add-on

You control total visibility/creation of project, task, and milestones by a client. So each client is safely differentiated on their user profile.

Time Log with Payment Add-on Released:

We have integrated a Payment module along with the Time Log add-on so that you can effortlessly keep track of your payables along with your team’s time.

Time Log with Payment Benefits:-

  • Absolute control over your extended teams’ time spend and utilization
  • Total clarity on billable and non-billable time
  • Easily track, manage and plan your extended teams’ work
  • Accurate Payables management for crisp budgeting
  • Maintain clarity about payables due, payments done
  • Enhanced management expectations at both ends

Payment3 1, Project Management Blog

Forge lasting business associations with your Contractors, Freelancers, third party Vendors, Technology Service Providers, OEMs and Distributors.

Time Log with Payment

Orangescrum Mobile App Released for Community Users:

We are happy to succumb to your demands.  Your much awaited Orangescrum Mobile App for community users is here. You can get it from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Search Task, Project Management Blog

With Orangescrum’s incredibly intuitive mobile app, you can create, assign, view & edit tasks on the go. It’s unbelievably fast, that speeds up your productivity.

How to set Orangescrum Mobile App in your account?

You first need to download and setup the Orangescrum Community Open Source edition. Post setup, go to Settings >Company Settings>My Company> to generate an API Access Code.

You can purchase the Mobile API from our marketplace.

Mobile API Add-on

You and your team can now manage complex projects and exercise further control on your workspace with a quick-soft tap on Orangescrum App.

We will surprise you with more helpful features that will make you Orangescrum-happy in the coming month. Stay tuned!


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