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Refer and Earn Program in Orangescrum

Refer And Earn Program In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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We would like to share our appreciation with a quick “Refer and Earn Program” for our very vocal and devout promoters.

Our customers, users, friends never cease to amaze us. We see a new trend now!

Avid Orangescrum users now invite their clients, colleagues or friends to use Orangescrum for their personal and professional work.

Orangescrum’s referral program goes live from Mar 22, 2018!

Whenever you refer Orangescrum to your friends, colleagues, clients to try, you both get $30.

SO, the more friends you refer, the more you earn!


What’s in it for ME?                       

Earn free subscription by referring friends

You can earn $30 coupon code each time your friend signs up & upgrades to any plan using the referral link. At the same time, your friend will get $30 coupon code once he signs up using the link you shared.

How it works?

Step-By-Step Guide to Avail Orangescrum Premium Subscription for Free

To send the referral,

  1. Sign in to
  2. Hover and click on this Referral Icon, Project Management Blog  icon (below + icon) or Refer a Friend
  3. Copy the link from the “Refer a friend” pop-up page

Referral Link, Project Management Blog

4. Share with your friends or click on Social Media Links to share with your followers and friends

Once you’ve sent the referral, the person you referred will need to complete these steps before you both receive a coupon worth $30:

  • Click the referral link or, and accept the invitation to sign up
  • Once the user signup successfully, the user will get the coupon code in the email

Sign Up User Coupon Code, Project Management Blog

  • If s/he upgrades to any plan, then you’ll get a redeemable coupon code of $30 on your next purchase.

Referral User Coupon Code, Project Management Blog

How to redeem it?

You can redeem the coupon code during the Payment for plan upgrade.

  • Click on Settings
  • Navigate to Account Settings and Click on Subscription
  • Select any of the Plan and click on Upgrade
  • On the checkout page, click on the “Enter the coupon code or referral code” button

Coupon Code Redeem, Project Management Blog

  • Enter the coupon code to redeem and upgrade to your selected plan


  • Only Owner can generate the referral link
  • You can redeem the coupon code once (If you’ve balance amount even after redeem, then it will collapse)

Where can I find the status of the invitations I’ve sent out for referrals?

To check the status of your referrals:

  • Sign in to
  • Click on the referral icon
  • On the pop-up, select “Earnings” to know who’ve upgraded using your link

Why should you refer a friend?

As you know, Orangescrum manages all your resources & projects at one place. You can use it for:

  • Smart and Accurate Time Tracking
  • Manage & Collaborate your tasks and projects with your stakeholders and resources
  • Real-time overview of Projects
  • Check Resource Availability and Resource Utilization
  • Schedule Management with Gantt Chart
  • Generate Invoice and send directly to your Clients
  • Get Daily Update from resources
  • & many more

If any of your friends, clients or other depts. of your organization find it hard to manage tasks, projects, and resources, then you would be doing a huge favor to them! One they will be thankful for J

Let them know how Orangescrum helps increase productivity.

Don’t want to Refer? Buy Orangescrum Subscription at 10% Discount

Without referring to anyone, you can get coupon code up to 10%. You will still get 5% OFF on monthly subscriptions and 10% for annual subscriptions. Remember in annual plans, you save 10% before applying the coupon code. So you save 20% on your annual Orangescrum subscription.

Refer Now

Spreading the word is simple. You’ll get your own unique referral link which you can share via email or social media, simply tell your friends how easy it is to earn and how much you enjoy managing projects and resources using Orangescrum.

The more referrals you send our way; the more coupon code you could make. Refer your friends and get credits, it’s that easy!

Refer Now


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