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Product Update: Introducing Subtasks in OrangeScrum

Product Update Introducing Subtasks In OrangeScrum, Project Management Blog
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It is always exciting to add new features to your product. And more so when that feature is one that your customers desperately want – Subtasks!

Orangescrum has always been very cognizant of its customers’ needs and what would be best for them.

More than just giving a “me too” feature, we wanted to ensure that our users have a smoother project management experience. As with everything else, having a well-defined process and structure is of utmost importance. And Subtask is that link that further binds your projects tightly and sets you up for success.

We have introduced subtask for OrangeScrum Cloud edition at the moment.

Tasks have always been the heart of OrangeScrum and users know how to get their plans done with it. With the release of the subtask, it will further ease your task planning in OrangeScrum.

Let me take you through how subtasks work in OrangeScrum and how you will benefit from it the most!


What is a Subtask?

A subtask is a useful means to split or break down a task into a number of smaller tasks in order to track each associated activity required for successful completion of the task.

It helps to assign & track it separately to better organize your tasks. It allows each resource to understand their responsibilities.

All the subtasks are linked or related to a parent task. Like a task, OrangeScrum allows you to set priority, % progress, assign to, start and end date and task type for all subtasks.

What are the Benefits of Subtask?

  • Helps you organize and structure your tasks
  • Allows you to track project goals, deliverables and manage them easily
  • Seamless workflow with no delays and on-time project completion
  • Sub-Tasks essentially helps you define your Work Breakdown Structure which provides clarity and ability to manage related or dependent tasks effectively

What is the Hierarchy Level in OrangeScrum?

OrangeScrum has five levels of hierarchy:


      >Task Groups




Note: – You can create Tasks without a Task Group and but you can’t create Task Groups, Tasks or Subtasks without a Project. Similarly, you can’t create a subtask without a task in OrangeScrum.

How can I create a Subtask for a task?

  • Click on ‘+ Quick Links’ on the top toolbar. Select ‘Task’ under ‘New’.
  • Add the task details such as Project Name, Task Title, Estimated Hour, Due Date, Start Date
  • Click on ‘Select the parent task’. Here you need to select the task under which you would like to add the sub-task.

Create A Subtask, Project Management Blog

  • Once all details are given, click on save & create.

For how many levels can you make the Subtask?

You can create sub-task up to level 2. You can create a task and under this, you can add task up to the second level. Please refer to the screenshot below:

Level Task, Project Management Blog

How can I identify Subtask from the task list page?

  • Please navigate to the task list page of any project.
  • Note the grey marked task on the list is ‘Parent’ of the task. Refer to the below image for more details.

Level Task, Project Management Blog

How can I create Subtask from task detail page of the task?

  • Navigate to the task detail page of the parent task.
  • Provide all the details to the task such as Task title, Assign to, Task type, Start date, Due date etc.

Create Subtask From Task Detail, Project Management Blog

  • Once all the details are added, please click on ‘Save’.

Create A Subtask, Project Management Blog

How can I change the status of the Subtask?

A user can change the status of the subtask. To change the status,

  • Navigate to the parent or main task’s detail page
  • On the subtask section, select the subtask or click on the three dot icon

Sub Task Status Change, Project Management Blog

  • Change the status from the three dot icon or from the subtask detail page

How can I delete a Subtask?

A user can delete a subtask. To delete the subtask,

  • Select the subtask
  • On the detail page, click on the delete icon

Subtask Delete, Project Management Blog

How can I Repeat a Subtask?

At the moment, you can’t create the recurring subtask, but we’re working on this and will be available soon.

How can I Copy a Subtask?

Yes, you can copy a sub-task.

  • Go to the Task List page.
  • Click on the three dot icon.
  • Click on Copy and it creates the copy of the subtask.

Subtask Copy, Project Management Blog

  • In this case, task number #162 is the copy task of task number #161

Subtask Copy Task, Project Management Blog

How can I move a subtask from one task to another?

To move a subtask from one parent task to another,

  • Click on the Subtask
  • Edit the subtask and change the parent task

Edit Sub Task, Project Management Blog

  • Once edited and saved, the subtask moves from one parent task to another.

Change Parent Of Sub Task, Project Management Blog

How can I convert a task to subtask?

To convert a task into a subtask,

  • Click on a task and edit the task
  • Select the parent task and update the task.

Change Parent Of Sub Task, Project Management Blog

Can I Convert a Subtask into Task?

To convert a subtask to task,

  • Click on the subtask,
  • Click on Edit icon to edit the subtask
  • Remove the parent task and update the task
  • Subtask automatically converts to a task

Change Parent Of Sub Task, Project Management Blog

How can I see all the associated Subtasks of a Parent Task?

Please navigate to the task detail page of the task. You will see the list of subtasks and their status. Please refer to the screenshot below:

List Of Sub Task, Project Management Blog

Can I view Subtasks in Gantt Chart?

Yes! Subtasks are displayed in the Gantt Chart too.

Gantt Chart, Project Management Blog

If we change the status of the parent task, will the status of subtask be changed?

No, the changing of the status of the task will not affect the status of the subtask. However, if the parent task is closed, then the status of the subtask will be closed.

Why am I not able to change the status of the parent task to Close?

Please check if there is any dependency added to the subtask.  If there is any dependency attached with any subtask, then it won’t allow you to close the parent task till the subtask is closed.

Over to you:

We’re as excited as you, to have subtask in our task planning and would love to see how things go and help with task planning.

Subtask feature is available to all users across all subscription plans including free trial users.

Unlock subtask feature to enhance task planning now, click here to get your 30 days’ free trial. Existing users can login here.

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